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Will a late Lupo GTI dash fit an early Lupo 1.4s

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I have just purchased my first lupo, but the stereo (single din) doesn't work and the cup holders are broken, as well as the air vents. I have therefore come to the conclusion that a nice shiny touch screen double din unit would be lovely instead.

Browsing the interweb I have found a great unit for a reasonable price that has come off a Lupo GTI.It includes the whole middle section of the dahboard (including the air vents) and has the high up hazard button. Unfortunately as my Lupo is 1999 T reg it has the different styled early dash with the hazard button down the bottom. Would this later dash still fit my Lupo, if I rewired in a later hazard button to the triangle or plugged it somehow?



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If you just want a double din unit and you don't care about loosing your cup-holders then you can just remove the unit that holds them.

If you want the hazard button moved up then its easy enough to do but i cant see why you would need to.

If you want to convert the whole thing to the later style and have cupholders where your hazard and rear window buttons are now thats also possible.

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