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help with detailing ?!

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hello everyone,

right just to go through my routine when it comes down to detailing:

wash down with wash up liquid to start with to remove most layers (waxs ect.) making sure to get all awkward places (door sills ect.)

after that i use bilt hamber clay bar all over the car to remove all waxes or nasties that arent wanted.

then i wash the car down again with a car shampoo e.g. turtle wax shampoo

i then begin to use megs scratch x to remove as much scratches, swirl marks and oxidation as possible, bear in mind that it is all hand done.

i then glaze with poor boys blackhole

and wax with autosmart carnuba wax

is there any flaws in my approach? i feel i need a less abrasive polish in between megs and glaze such as auto glym.

any help would be great.



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Try something simple to begin with, such as AG Super Resin Polish. Other than that, the method seems good, try to use two buckets and stay away from washing up liquid! If you want to cleanse wax etc from the car, there are special products. One i've used is gtechniq g wash which was very good :) Any other questions just ask.

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sounds good mate , polishing by machine is so much more rewarding :) you should get one , they are not all as scary as ppl make out, you can get a decent silverline delivered with 3 buffing pads for 40 odd quid ,

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