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installing new stereo & subwoofer help needed!

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when im installing my aftermarket stereo i have a problem i was wondering someone could help me with. when i turn my car off, when i next come to my stereo it has lost all radio channels. i heard something about switching the red and yellow wires but im unsure how to take them out of the plastic plug as i dont want to break them.

my second issue is when i come to wiring my subwoofer, and attach my control wire to the blue remote going into the back of the head unit, i have a constant live. all the wires from the actual lupo are different colours to the adapter plug wires going into the back of my headunit, and seem to be in different places.

any help i would really appreciate!

i have a sendai headunit( bad i know but it has front aux)


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If you have to you could just snip and solder the red/yellow wires but there maybe crimp connectors on the HU loom itself. Perhaps when you sort out the correct feeds for the HU the remote cable will sort itself out

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