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sdi not pulling below 2000 rpm


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My girlfriend has a 1999 1.7 sdi that's loads of trouble

latest problem to overcome is that the engine suddenly pulls well above 2000 revs (really sudden pick up compared to anything lower)

but has bugger all power and torque until then, which is weird for a diesel, it's not a turbo either.

it's not very fuel efficient either which is disappointing.

any clues you clever knowledgeable people ?

where do I start ?

the only thing that comes up on a code search (using a wag305 obdII thingy) is 17656 'fuel level low'

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thanks James, interesting, I'd definitely expect it to pull from lower, and the sudden increase at exactly 2000 is weird.

there's plenty of fuel in the tank. perhaps I should try changing the filter ?

I suppose I was hoping someone might just go :

'oh, that'll be such & such, they always do that, you need to ....'

rather than blindly fiddling in the hope something makes a difference !

It's very loud as well, even for a diesel, I'm wondering if the timing is off.

maybe i could get a local mobile engine tuner to have a poke around

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yes, change the filter, and check the fuel lines, i saw somewhere about if they have a little hole there are bubbles in the system which means its trying to put more fuel in the engine as it senses pressure is low but because of the pin hole its just chucking in fuel that's just being wasted. also N/A diesels sound harsher and louder than turbo diesels, this is because the turbo acts like a silencer. if i were you before you pay someone to time up your engine go and view another lupo sdi and compare the engine sounds, if if theres someone local on here have a meet with them an compare.

heres a thread on the fuel lines: http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=83126

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