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dodgy lupo sdi i shouldn't have bought !


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Hi everyone

I bought my girlfriend a 1999 SDi 1.7 lupo about a month ago for what i thought was a bargain price.

I thought at the time 'I'll spend the next 2 weeks discovering why it was so cheap'

now we know ! it's pretty though :)

ok , having repaired both lock mechanisms with the usual ebay kits

replaced the clutch and gear gate rod

tightened up the loose pendulum support ...

I'm left with :

a flashing red exclamation brake warning lamp on the dash : comes on when I hit 10 mph accompanied by 3 bleeps

fluid level looks ok, front pads plenty wear left (any sensors on the rear drums ?)

only mystery is a plastic pipe leaving the top pf the brake fluid reservoir that's had a metal tube crimped off to block it ! what should that have instead ? I've looked on elsawin and can't see any diagram of the fluid reservoir)

anybody want to help a newby who's stumped ?

cheers !

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ok thanks , I'll take a look

I'm thinking it's more likely it's a brake fluid warning that's flashing and audible alarming

as the handbrake comes on and goes off ok when I raise or lower the handbrake at a standstill

oddly the handbook doesn't have anything to say about audible alarms or flashing lamp

brake fluid level is topped up btw, just this strange bodge to the fluid reservoir

maybe a photo would help ?

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ok, actually the handbook says a flashing lamp means brake fluid level low , see main dealer immediately

uh oh

the fluid level in he reservoir looks ok, must find a camera and out pics up asap, I'm round at gf's and she hasn't a digicam ...

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could be. does this look like a normal lupo reservoir to you folks ?

there's a pipe coming off the inside of the plastic reservoir at the top opposite the connector, that's go a crimped off bit of metal on it , doesn't look factory standard issue somehow ... cheers !


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Thanks ! That's really helpful


I replaced the top cap & float etc, no difference

As I see it from the current flow diagrams on Elsawin diagram No 12/4 , both the fluid level switch and handbrake switch connect the signal wire to earth when either the handbrake is on or the brake fluid level is low. In fact both those circuits join together as a brown/yellow 0.35 wire to the dash insert pin 29.

That common signal wire to the dash is not connected to earth with handbrake down, so neither circuit is connecting to earth.

Disconnecting the pin29 means it cannot detect either switch or circuit being connected to earth.

With pin 29 disconnected, as soon as I rev the engine (handbrake off too) I get bleeping and red brake lamp warning exclamation flashing on the dash, bleeping ends but light stays on.

Unless my logic is flawed (somebody please say if it is !) there must be something else can trigger this ?

Flashing lamp & bleeping can mean something other than handbrake or brake fluid ?

Further worry is being caused by the audible buzzer (H11) being listed as going off as an OIL PRESSURE alarm !!!!????

but surely that would also trigger an oil warning lamp (K3)?

could the buzzer be anything else ?

oil pressure ?

seatbelts ?

lights left on ?

Help !

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Getting a bit technical for me now, but if the ECU isnt receiving the correct signal (or no signal at all) I would expect the same warnings as if the sensor was working and detecting a fault.

Cant really be any more help Im afraid

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Yeah, not my strong point either.

The circuit diagram shows the switches :

dumping a signal to earth (handbrake on or fluid low)



which makes me wonder if this is nothing to do with brake fluid or handbrake

I've replaced both switches & checked the wiring to both circuits

and now stumped.

I can see why a handrake audible alarm would wait for the ECU to register movement before bleeping

but why when I rev the engine at a stand-still

fwiw VAG just said 'you need a new handbrake switch' , so I got one, and no difference

maybe I have to hand it over to VAG for diagnosis ?

any idea what they'd charge me anyone ?

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I live in Lancashire m61 area

is there a register of VAGCOM folk ? that would be great if someone local knows how to use it !

[i have a VAG305 scanner , which worked great when I needed to clear the airbag lamp

but doesn't find anything other than SRS / ABS / ENGINE and auto gearbox faults

it's not finding any engine codes]

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Ermmmmm i had very low oil once, went round a corner oil warning lamp came on and the buzzer came on.

and i dont necessarily think oil pressure alarm would trigger oil low level warning :/ as u cud have no pressure but still have lots of oil...

ermmm... checked to see if the bulb is working for low level oil?. May have gotten low once adn the bulb blew or something, could be still blown, and the car thinks its still got no oil? i would imagine the circuit runs through the bulb in the dash like the Airbags and the alternator circuit do aswell like if the alternator light is on, or blown. theres no power charging your battery, so maybe its thinking theres no oil hence there being no bulb to complete the circuit :S if that makes sense, but thats a stab in the dark really, not 100% if runs through the bulb :/

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Blitzerman, its his handbrake light that is illuminating, not oil light.

my bad Lol. duno where i got the oil thing from then

ahh i got it from this

could the buzzer be anything else ?

oil pressure ?

seatbelts ?

lights left on ?

Help !

and i said about buzzer also sounds for low oil, as i was saying maybe the low oil level bulb has blown, but buzzer is still sounding thinking that its got a functioning bulb. but yahh

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