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Hi everyone

I bought my girlfriend a 1999 SDi 1.7 lupo about a month ago for what i thought was a bargain price.

I thought at the time 'I'll spend the next 2 weeks discovering why it was so cheap'

now we know !

ok , having repaired both lock mechanisms with the usual ebay kits

replaced the clutch and gear gate rod

tightened up the loose pendulum support ...

I'm left with :

a flashing red exclamation brake warning lamp on the dash : comes on when I hit 10 mph accompanied by 3 bleeps

fluid level looks ok, front pads plenty wear left (any sensors on the rear drums ?)

only mystery is a plastic pipe leaving the top pf the brake fluid reservoir that's had a metal tube crimped off to block it ! what should that have instead ? I've looked on elsawin and can't see any diagram of the fluid reservoir)

anybody want to help a newby who's stumped ?

cheers !

no hazards. (new switch/relay made no difference) should there be a permanent live to a terminal on the switch ? cos there isn't ...

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