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Custom Manifold for ITBs


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The engine doesn't have a MAF does it? Atleast in the Lupo it doesn't.

The lupo uses MAP, with temperature/pressure compensation.

Ive not herd of this being used before, So good luck if you can get it to work. It seems like quite a bit of kit used on a lot of jap cars.


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Well the SAFC has a air flow in and and flow out can can be wired into the air flow wire on the ecu loom. I don't suppose you have the wiring diagram for the ecu do you? I am mainly after knowing which wires i need to tap into for:

Power to the unit

RPM Signal

Throttle Signal

Brown ground wire

Black ground wire

And air flow wire

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Hi again,

For those who have done the conversion (Caspter, Tigz esp.):

> Are you using the standard injectors (and what size are the standard injectors?), or will the standard injectors make the mix to lean?

> I have the 100bhp model, what sort of estimates in terms of torque and horse power would i see from using Jenvys 40mm and possibly larger injectors?

> What should i look out for when possibly looking at a cable throttle? I will not be using a standalone ecu but rather a map piggyback device. (My engine does not use MAF).

Thanks for your time,


P.S. I will hopefully get the manifold end of this month if i have enough!

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I would get a set of GTi injectors, they will be more than enough for your application. I use 480cc ones but you wont need anything as big.

With regards to power/torque... Its all down to how its mapped, if done well id think a 30bhp increase would be a good number to start. As for the torque, that will mainly be done to your setup looking at the butterfly to valve centre length, Trumpet length and overall length.

A set of 42mm TB's with GTi injectors, more than adequate for this engine.

I don't know how you will get round the cable throttle issue, as i don't know if you can tell your ecu even with a piggyback device that the electronic pedal is not being used. This was one issue i couldn't sort out when trying to stay on the oem ecu, hence why im using standalone. You will be able to fit it and use the TPS on the throttle bodies, but i don't know if it will work.


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