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VW Lupo wheel trims


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Hi sorry if this seems a silly question but could someone help me please?

I bought my Lupo a week ago and she has some VW wheel trims on her but they are pretty scuffed up. I was hoping to get her some nice new ones...

Although would be quite happy just to get her some new center caps if thats a bit cheaper?!? Is it possible to remove the centre caps of the VW wheels trims? or are they fixed? (I know you can change centre cap covers on alloy wheels but I only have VW wheel trims at the mo so am a bit confused and this is my first car!!)

These are the ones she has part no: 6XO 601 147A


Do I need to buy a whole set of new wheel trims or can I buy some VW centre cap cover things and clip them on the middle part of her existing wheel trims?

I hope you lot can help me and like I said sorry if this seems like a bit of a sily question but I wouldn't want to go ordering the wrong things for her lol

Thank you.

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measure how large the vw emblems are and look up ebay lots of folk sell vw badges for wheels in varying sizes

So do I need to stick them on?! or are they removable from the wheel trims and you attatch them in somehow? I'm a bit confused?

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I'd suggest, if you will be replacing them anyway, to get in there with a thin screwdriver or a stanley knife and see if you can prise the current VW emblems off. I'd think they are likely to be just stuck on with very strong stickey!

If they come off, you can, as jamie said, try to buy new ones which will stick on and replace them.

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