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1.0 mpi lupo fix or spares


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if you can pick her up 2 miles from j11A of m1 and hand me £100 she's yours! 

Time to say goodbye to my 2000 vw lupo. It needs the engine looking at as it seems there is no compression on 3, (removing the ht lead results in no spluttering  or no misfire. could be an easy fix but I needed a car for work so she's up for sale. 
paint is also bad too but solid.

also has a full tank of fuel too. 

also has a just under a years mot left

new parts fitted: 
coil pack
crank sensor
new spark plugs 
crank case re-sealed same time the coil pack and spark was sorted
HT Leads from MR retro leads
front tyre on driver side
complete exhaust replaced about 6-8 weeks back
service, cambelt and water pump done in may 21
new discs and pads oct 2020
major service, brake lines and more repaired november 2020

need it gone ASAP as the insurance runs out at midnight but she's still taxed otherwise it'll be off to the scrapyard

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it's drivable but will struggle and stall on slight hills. beforehand she was nippy as hell. 

photos, the paint is crap on the body but and has rust on the roof (been treated and primed was meant to get fixed but the company who was going to do it never got back to me



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I'll take photos tomorrow morning seats would benefit of a good clean(like it when I got it) door cards are shite but the speakers and tweeters were upgraded before I got it. (Handle is missing drivers side) like you said would make a good fixer upper if you have the time to do it. 

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