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Lupo 3l bumper


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As mk2 says, totally not a straight fit, not impossible, but everything is different. Either the front wings, if you're keeping your original ones, need modifying, or as i found easier to do, the 3L bumper needs to be cut to fit the where it meets the wings. Other than that, you need the 3L bumper guides (that fit where the bumper slides onto the wings), you need the 3L front cross member -TDI one maybe a similar fit. The wiring on the SDI just fits/reaches the 3L indicators, i've read that for other engine types you need modified connectors to fit. Bottom Fog lights are different fit as well, normal ones can be fixed into place, but it's a bit of a bodge (not a problem if you don't have Fogs, just get the blanks that cover the fog light apertures on the bottom of the bumper).


So in short for a non-front wing modification install: Main Bumper, bottom splitter, fog lights and fog covers or fog blanks, upper grill, indicators, cross member, bumper guides, and a small amount of finesse to make it look straight/fit. Part numbers: https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/lupo++lupo+3l+tdi/lu/2001-231/8/807-807005/


You used to be able to order all the parts from your local VW parts department, but it was 7-8 years ago when i ordered mine, so part availability may be scarce.



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