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My luppy hits 20 years old !!


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Hi guys mk2 etc. luppy  hit 20 years old passed delayed mot no problems x I just wanted to thank all you guys over the years for all all your help and knowledge to keep my baby on the road xx05EED668-3D98-4276-BB27-DD7E18AB72E5.jpeg.5c8ef0e944bfe1d5b34d8c84ae766975.jpegB801E41F-AE02-4B58-A200-FCFADA04E376.jpeg.fa85d2ca465a39ac57c94d56705228c8.jpeg06334520-9143-4634-9AF4-D7406885F894.jpeg.2efc9d519b34b40762d9a955096cd5fb.jpeg

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Thanks y2acp I decided to keep luppy going even when the garage and vw weren’t any help thanks to help on here from mk2 ,shezza and everyone I had the confidence to tackle the last problem which was replacing the clock spring ! Airbag off steering wheel off 😂. The biggest problem really is that all the switches and sensors start to go because the plastic gets brittle x but I always seem to be able to get bits on eBay thanks to the fact that polo parts fit x I hope you are enjoying your lupo x we used to have a few driving around here in Brighton a couple of bright yellow ones but over the last couple of years they have all disappeared.... I’m the only one now x

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