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Handbrake light flashing and beeping, oil light flashing abs light on

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Hi all, I changed the speedometer this week on my car from standard to polo gti.

I have 3 lights showing abs, flashing handbrake with 3 beeps and oil flashes nonstop when car is running (oil & filter warer changed in last month)

Before I changed speedometer it showed an abs fault but the vagcom I have used bluedriver doesn't seem to bring anything up concerning the abs light or the handbrake flashing light.

It has shown up code p0171 which might make sense as previous owner took hose out to air intake silly person.

My question is. could it be a residual information from previous car Speedo it came from or is it actual fault with my car. 

And is it a case that the vagcom reader I have is rubbish or is there more serious problem.


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The cluster knows that it's not in the right car i'd guess. As in, some of the connections or signals are different. I'd put back the old one to see if you clear all the faults first. Then try again and see what happens.

To be 100% sure that it's a direct swap, you need to check the wiring diagram for both cars, pin by pin. On both connectors.

You can't swap an SDI cluster for a GTI one. And they are both Lupos... I've tried that.

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