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2002 Lupo 1L - SOLD

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Hi guys,


Sadly I am moving on from my Lupo as I've recently bought a new car. I'm looking for a quick sale hence why its so cheap.


At the time of creating this it has 3 months mot left on it with 98,000 miles on the clock.

What I've had done in the last 9 months - 

  1. new cambelt and pump
  2. 2 new wheel bearings
  3. 2 new front head lights (the actual headlights not the bulb)
  4. 2 new tie rod ends
  5. 2 new cv boots
  6. 4 new tyres
  7. oil have been changed by myself twice (once when i got it and once about a month ago)
  8. led number plate lights
  9. some other stuff i cant remember


What I know is wrong currently -

  1. Exhaust is blowing a little
  2. Exhaust is rattling
  3. tappets rattle when cold
  4. surface rust on one of the wings


I'm looking for £350 but open to offers, I'm in the South Yorkshire area so if you want to come take a look etc just pm and we can arrange something.

I will upload photos when I'm home but I'm currently at work and have no photos to hand.





EDIT: Thanks everyone but she sold for £300.

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