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Ray Singh

Greetings from Marlborough, Wiltshire

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Greetings Lupo Club.

I am joining the club as my daughter is currently learning to drive. She needs a small car to practise in and also to use once she passes to build her no claims bonus.

I saw a 1.0 petrol 53 plate car for sale as spares/repairs in Cheltenham and went to see this. I did some reseach and the mis fire could have been spark plugs, HT leads, Coil packs or worst case burnt valves. On seeing the car, i noted that the car ran fine, but if left to idle for a few minutes, would then start to mis fire and run very badly. If the car was switched off and on, it would clear the fault.

I noted the strong smell of fuel and lots of water exiting the exhaust. I didnt feel confident and walked away.

My daughter loves the shape of the Lupo and I would love her to have one. I would love her to have a GTI - but insurance might limit that!

If anyone has a good car for sale, please let me know. We would even consider a project GTI (i will stomach the insurance).


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Welcome to club lupo :)

water from the exhaust in this cold weather is often nothing more than condensation, so might just need a good run to clean it out. I'd also take it for a decent 30 min run with the owner driving it before considering buying it, just in case it is something more serious like a head gasket leaking. But you often can tell just by looking at the header tank (no sign of oil). 

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