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Hi from Eastbourne

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Good evening one and all.

Just about 1 year ago my daughter bought her first car - a 1.2 VW Fox Urban - bright yellow, funky seat material - all the important things! - on an 07 plate.

At the time the engine had a very lumpy tick-over but I put this down to damp etc as the car had been pretty much unused for the previous 12 months. Schoolboy error I know!

In October it failed its MOT on emissions and, after a couple of months testing various components, I did a compression test that gave readings of 175, 125 and 90.

With a potential diagnosis of head gasket or piston ring, the decision was taken to cut losses and buy a replacement so we are now the proud owners of a 60 plate VW Fox, 1.2 very basic model. The engine is very smooth on this one!

As a result we now have a SORN, MOT failed, bright yellow Fox to get rid of so I am wondering what the best way of doing this would be? A couple of scrap car places have offered £80 ish but a colleague recommends a private sale for spares or repair. 

Would welcome any thoughts / advice. Is there anywhere on this forum where this sort of transaction takes place?

For the record it has new discs / pads on the front, professionally cleaned and tested injectors and new wipers on the front. I had bought new plugs and coils but have swapped these out with the new car. It comes with 1 key but the plip remote function doesn't work, despite a new battery. It passed everything else on the MOT with a couple of advisories.

Many thanks

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Welcome to club lupo!

Yeah, I'd put some good pics of it up in the the for sale section along with all the details. I'm sure someone might be interested to have it as a fixer-upper... General runabout first car thing.

Probably broken ring? Maybe HG. Either way the engine has to be stripped. Maybe easier to do an engine swap.

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