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  1. Hi all I have my daughters yellow VW Fox for sale which she purchased 12 months ago but failed its MOT in October on emissions. It's an 07 plate and the rest of the MOT was fine - just an advisory on a small exhaust hole ( which I plugged) and a lamp out on the high level brake light. It has new discs and pads on the front and new wipers on the front. I also change the oil and filter when she got it since when it has moved probably less than 250 miles. The car had a very lumpy idle when we bought it but I naively believed this to be damp plugs etc as it had only done a few hundr
  2. Good evening one and all. Just about 1 year ago my daughter bought her first car - a 1.2 VW Fox Urban - bright yellow, funky seat material - all the important things! - on an 07 plate. At the time the engine had a very lumpy tick-over but I put this down to damp etc as the car had been pretty much unused for the previous 12 months. Schoolboy error I know! In October it failed its MOT on emissions and, after a couple of months testing various components, I did a compression test that gave readings of 175, 125 and 90. With a potential diagnosis of head gasket or piston ring,
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