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Exhaust blowing


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Hello I am new to this site so first of all hello all, I have a 2000 lupo 1.4s and my exhaust is blowing from the sleeve that covers the join in the middle and I’m wondering if anyone’s experienced the same. Going to put a new sleeve on with fitting paste but I’m just hoping there’s no big holes behind the original one 

feeling power loss due to this. as far as I know it’s the only problem with the car, it was all good when I first got it but This air leak must of started when I got the car and driving it 

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Yes those sleeves or joints are a right pain. The system is usually a type of stainless steel, but the joins are good 'ol rusty flavoured steel. So the system lasts but the join doesn't! They're about £7 on ebay and last about 3 years. Someone makes stainless types but they're about £30.

Welcome to club lupo! :)

cars pics?

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