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How to clean your diesel injectors

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Ok, so maybe not everyones idea of a fun thing to do, but here're some pics...

Pull injectors out.

Dismantle on a bench by simply unscrewing the nozzle cap. It is very tight.

Remove the Nozzle and injector pin that slides down the middle.

Remove guts of injector- but make sure you keep everything in the right order. If you drop everything the first time (like I did), you do have 3 more that you can copy. But make sure you don't mix up bits between injectors, as each one has been hand calibrated (shimmed) to deliver exactly the same quantity per squirt. Means you keep a nice smooth idle (VCDS will tell you if they're out of balance).

Clean everything properly. I mean 'operating theatre' level of clean. The nozzle holes are the width of a human hair and are easily blocked from inside, if something gets trapped just before reassembly.

Make an LED light that you can poke down the middle of the nozzle. Inspect under a microscope and clear out any blocked or partially blocked holes with some fine steel wire. I used a strand of thin flexible rope- like bicycle gear cable wire. Smaller than 0.15mm diameter ideally. Wash with some solvent and reinspect. keep clean. Then reassemble. Grease the nozzle retaining cap thread before tightening up.



nozzle light.jpg

nozzle holes.jpg


tube drilling.jpg

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