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Lowering Springs


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Hi all, 

I’ve recently purchase some lowering springs for a Lupo for my Seat Arosa. 

Two of the springs are quite large and two of them are much thinner with tighter coils. 

Would someone be able to tell me which ones go on the front and which way up they should go? 

I am under the understanding that the larger ones go at the front? It just seems to me like the small ones are much too small. 

I’ve attached a picture.


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Slimmer spring profile to the front: closer/progressive winding to bear the engine weight.


Once you get them off you'll see see which go where. Rears are simple.

The fronts not quite so as you need to remove the strut to strip the top and slide the spring off. Pretty sure it's tighter coils to the bottom.




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They fit in the direction you've taken the pic. Top at top if that makes any sense. With the fronts, be sure to fit the end of the spring right into the mounting plate, so the cut end of the spring butts up to the notch. I always clean and put an anti rust coat on everything before assembly. May be worth fitting new bump stops while you're at it... 

a short length of thin rubber hose slid over the spring ends will also help prevent corrosion and reduce noise a bit :)

21mm spanner and hex key to loosen off the strut top nut. Then you'll need to borrow someone's spring compressors... (only for the front). But you could just take the struts out complete to your nearest mechanic who might let you borrow their spring compressor for a gift.

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