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Wanting to replace front and try and install rear speakers ?

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just had a 1200 watts sub fitted in the boot, but you've probably guessed it the speakers are crap in the front.

so need a recommendation for a good pair of speakers to go in the front. 

ive also read on this fourm that I may be able to install speakers in the back behind the door cards - any ideas if that's possible on a standard Lupo and what speakers 

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Speaker power =V^2 / R (remember from GCE physics?). So if you have 12V power and 8 ohm speakers, the max power you could possibly get is 12x12 / 8 = 18W. Then there's the discussion of RMS vs peak power, but I'm not going there. So it always makes me laugh when I read numbers like 1200W.... Yes, you can have power inverters to up the voltage and you can have bridged output power amps, but the real power will rarely be above 100W per speaker. The thing that really matters is the speaker efficiency. How many dB of output sound per Watt. 102dB/W is a good speaker. Most are about 85 (not brilliant). A 5W 102dB speaker will be much louder than a 100W 85dB speaker. 

To answer to your question, you need some 10W 100dB/w plus speakers for the front. They'll rattle your doors. Go for low resonant frequency, ideally below 40Hz and bung some piezo tweeters in under the windscreen. It'll sound amazing. :)

Oh, and welcome to club lupo!


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