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the crown wheel bolts for LSD of QUAIFE(QDF22R)


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Hi Fellows,

I ordered A LSD of QUAIFE and found this LSD without the crown wheel bolts.

I checked the topic of LSD from few years ago here and no information about the crown wheel bolts.

Does any fellow know the specification of the crown wheel bolts ?


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On 2017/10/21 at 12:49 AM, Sausage said:

What gearbox is it?

Might be M10x1.25mm hard as **** bolts.

ARP kit: 204-3002

VW kit: 02A 498 088 A 

if not then might be these:

ARP kit: 204-3003

VW kit: 02M 498 088


My car is 2002 Lupo GTI & I think the gear box O2U 6speed

the model of QUAIFE I order is QDF22R

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  • lupo1212 changed the title to the crown wheel bolts for LSD of QUAIFE(QDF22R)
20 hours ago, Sausage said:

Diff is for 02T according to quaife site, bolts for that should be M9x1.0mm

ARP: 204-3001

VW: 02A 498 088

I'd check with a gauge or contact quaife and ask them though...


according sales of Quaife says: We do not supply crown wheel bolts for the 02T diff.:wtf:

Thank you so much ! Sausage

you really save my ass~    :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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