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  1. It is no long available for purchase.... I am looking for whole world and still not find one.....
  2. Dear fellows, Does anyone here have parts number or any information about this repair kit?? thanks!
  3. Hi Fellows, I found the stroke of clutch pedal is too long and tried to fix this issue. Does any one install clutch Pedal stopper? Or it's not possible to install this Thanks!!
  4. Understand Thanks~Sausage!!
  5. Hi, Fellows couple days ago, I check my pressure of cylinder for Lupo GTI. C1: 9.5kg/cm2 C2: 10kg/cm2 C3:8.5kg/cm2 C4: 10.5kg/cm2 Is there any one who knows about standard pressure of cylinder?
  6. according sales of Quaife says: We do not supply crown wheel bolts for the 02T diff. Thank you so much ! Sausage you really save my ass~
  7. My car is 2002 Lupo GTI & I think the gear box O2U 6speed the model of QUAIFE I order is QDF22R
  8. Hi Fellows, I ordered A LSD of QUAIFE and found this LSD without the crown wheel bolts. I checked the topic of LSD from few years ago here and no information about the crown wheel bolts. Does any fellow know the specification of the crown wheel bolts ?
  9. 你好~

    想請教一下有關避震器的問題,我現在在考慮KW V1跟ST X,不知道你對這2款避震器有什麼心得?? 謝謝!!

  10. lupo1212

    Tie rod end

    Thanks!! mates~ I will notice the information you provided !!
  11. lupo1212

    Tie rod end

    Does any one here replace this part or know where to buy this part? thanks!!
  12. Did any one of here replace this part? I can't google this P/N thanks!!
  13. Thanks~mate...i am going to try what you said
  14. Fault code : P1649 Data Bus Powertrain Missing message from ABS Control Module Is there any solution except replace ABS unit? thanks!
  15. lupo1212

    OKD coil

    Is there anyone here who know this brand ?
  16. Appreciate that! mate~ Please check the PM
  17. My gti is left-side & one of gti owners in Taiwan provided a P/N as attachment Is there possible that it's different about right-side and left-side??
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