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2 Questions - One Easy, One Hard...

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Hi,  I have a 2002 Lupo GTI

Firstly apologies for the easy question - my battery light came on today so I naturally assumed alternator so check voltage and no increase on voltmeter so wen ton to try and diagnose.

Q1 - I cannot see an earth strap to the chassis, can anyone point it out on a photo or parts diagram (sorry!). I also assume there is a gearbox one too

Q2 - if revved the battery light goes out (but can't see an increase on the voltmeter).  Any ideas on cause?  Bad connect (on earth I can find and hence revs might arc it)?  Alternator diode (not sure what this is but have read some things on the forum).

Just to throw something in (which makes me think earth) is that yesterday my water temp gauge fluctuated up and down...

Any help would be a life saver

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Coolant temp sensor is a common fault so possibly not related, the earth connection should be to the n/s chassis leg in the engine bay, easy to locate, it’s possible your regulator brushes are wearing out I’d guess if your alternator isn’t charging your battery and your instrument cluster isn’t doing it’s own disco act on you.

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Thanks Pete for the quick reply.  I've got a few more (hopeful) checks to do in daylight tomorrow so will look for the earth strap - still hoping it's fallen off as I spent ages looking for it with a torch to no avail!

Cannot be bothered with a DIY job so I guess it's off to the garage for that and the temp sensor if the earth isn't a solution

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