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Been driving this since about April time and I love my "wee fox.

standard urban fox

Red '56 plate

1.2L engine 

Picked it up with 57,000 on the clock since I've put it upto 64,000

low insurance & cheap to run?




this is was the fox before I got my hand on it.^ 

One of the wheel trims became cracked so I removed them and drove about for a few months without Any on as can be seen in the below photos. 







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IMG_3113.JPGIMG_3112.JPGWheel trims from eBay cost £30


Removed factory radio


replaced with a double din eBay aftermarket radio that I picked up for £70ish

additionally had to purchase a Ariel connector and an autoleads adaptor pc275-4 From Halfords which for both was like £20 

Had to cut one end of and wired all the cables together,  Didn't go as straight forward as planned so my advice would be use some decent connectors so you only gotta do it once! The photo below shows the wacky wiring before we got the sound working


We had to buy new red connectors^ and replace them all to get any sound from it! Halfords were no help and tried to tell me it was a huffed radio!

My fox rear speakers don't and haven't worked since I got it but I'll look into this soon...





eBay radio works as should! Bluetooth etc all working, my only problem is you have to manually turn it on and off when getting into and leaving your car as it won't turn on/off with ignition key. 




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