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Sorry I'm new to this, I was wondering if anyone could share any info and help me out. I have recently brought a 1.4 lupo S with what I thought was a good spec list as I have never seen this all on one lupo, or even at all. List as follows,

-pop out back windows 

-3 seats in the back instead of two 

- heated seats 

-easy access fold and lift seats 

-heated seats 

-cd multichanger 

-fog lights 

-electric Windows 

-air conditioning 

-sport alloys

-stubby mirrors both sides 

if anyone can shine a light about if this is rare at all or if it is simply just another lupo then I would be very greatful ?? 


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All of those items aprt from stubby mirrors were factory options Check the label in your boot or front of the handbook and you will find a code list of options added when ordered. That said I think really early Lupos and Arosas came with two small mirrors. What year is it?


If someone added them all at purchase; you have a fully loaded Lupo, which someone spent a lot of money on.

Some of them could have been added by previous owners. Interior swap, wheels. Stubby mirrors both sides are pretty common modifications.

Did you buy form someone who is likely to have modded it?

Start a thread and get some pictures up.

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As Ray pointed out, early Loops came with Stubby's as standard.

Still, although I wouldn't say your Lupo is rare, it's fully loaded and that makes it quite desirable ;) You're lucky to pick one up with as many features.

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Thank you guys, I'm not sure about it being modded before, everything seems to be very well done if it has been added by previous owners. I can't see the typical scrape marks underneath or anything ? 

Yes, it seems to be very fully loaded as what I can see, I have never seen 3 seats in the back before. 

It's standard at the moment and spent about 6 hours giving it a mini detail. Here are some image.thumb.jpeg.c6bc881c0c1bdf1903da3b1





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18 hours ago, Itsallinthedetail said:

-pop out back windows      Standard

-3 seats in the back instead of two      £55 option IIRC

- heated seats              Optional, nice

-easy access fold and lift seats      standard

-heated seats      see above

-cd multichanger           option

-fog lights       option which came with heater washer jets and heated mirrors, although yours might be different as it's a very early model

-electric Windows      standard

-air conditioning       Optional, was around £1000

-sport alloys     optional, but common

-stubby mirrors both sides       standard for your model year

There you go

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