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Forum Upgrade


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Hi All,

At some point this week, we'll be upgrading to newer version of the forum software - this is a complete overhaul to v4, so expect it to look different, and for things to break (I expect).

At this point, I'm not quite sure when I'm going to do it, but I'll put a quick shout-out when it does. Loads of new features, so hopefully you'll find it an improvement :)

Thanks all,


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Sorry, I should have posted on here as well as on FB!

I broke it :/ So I had to roll back to a backup. I need to learn to RTFM, 'cause I missed a critical pre-req and it all fell down :( Easier to try again rather than bodge/fix it!!

Will try again.

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I'm guessing they want php5 but I wonder why you need a newer apache or mysql? :/

Anyway does that mean the update is off for the time being?

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Latest PHP5.x needs Apache 2.4. Problem is, Apache2.4 changes alot of virtual host settings, so I need to mess about a bit!

I was going to do it Sunday, but my plans for tonight have been cancelled, so I might have a go later on....

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