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Lupo 1.7 SDI Gearbox removal


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Can anyone help?

I am trying to remove the gearbox from Lupo SDI 1.7. It was going ok, until I got to the top rear engine brace, Doh! There doesn't appear to be enough 'flex' in the rubber mounts at each end to move the brace off the end of the engine bolt, to allow access to the bolt to remove it. This bolt has two threads, one 18mm A/F and the other 13mm A/F.

I have tried to undo the bolt using an open ended spanner (a few degrees at a time using both sides of the open end), but I have realised that because there is not enough room to 'flex' the brace off I may not be able to get the bolt out far enoungh without someone taking the weight of the gearbox, moving it away from the engine as the bolt unscrews face by face. Is this the only way?

I have considered removing the rear end of the 'top rear brace' (closest to the gearstick), there is one bolit visible, but is very tricky to get to and if I managed to get the bolt out it looks like the gearchange linkages go through the alloy brace casting. Everything else is ready to go, this is not going well! Has anyone done this before, and can offer any guidance?


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Holy thread revival!

Undo everything... Either way if you remove from below or above. You need to slide the thing sideways by about 60mm to clear the clutch.

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