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  1. £1500 ono Working openair 2 keys Central locking Based in swansea Feel free to call me on 07943370320 if interested or have any questions VID_20210402_160335.mp4
  2. I have one for sale Tdi 94000 miles
  3. Sorry it hasn't been cleaned yet but my Mrs says I need to reduce the collection and is making me put it up for sale right this second😅 Totally stock, 90000 miles, working open air, red Tim Tom interior, 2 keys and working Central locking (which is a first for me) Not perfect body work but low miles and tight Looking for 1700 EDIT... Forgot to say based in swansea
  4. I'm considering buying it and wondered if anyone new anything about it?
  5. Can anyone clarify whether or not the sdi has a dual mass flywheel?? Seems to be a contented issue
  6. Any information about replacement exhaust parts for an sdi? Have bought online before and found that the centre silencer didnt fit properly. Cant seem to find one with the triangular cross section that the original part has
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