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Review - Auto Finesse Temptation Carnauba Wax


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This is my first attempt at a product review, so here it goes.

Auto Finesse Temptation Carnauba Wax

£24.95 (200ml Pot) direct from Auto Finesse

Product Link:

Temptation is the entry level Carnauba wax from Autofinesse; costing £24.95 for a 200ml pot it doesn’t break the bank. Just because it’s the entry level of their wax family doesn’t mean that Temptation lacks any of the standard Autofinesse quality though, you’re still getting a quality detailing product for a fraction of the price of the next best competing item.

First Thoughts:
I was lucky enough to receive a free sample pot of Temptation in one of my orders from Auto Finesse back in October – it was a nice surprise hidden at the bottom of the box under all the packaging, I nearly missed it, and was close to ending up in the bin! This is the first of the Auto Finesse wax products I’ve ever used, and I was pleasantly surprised of how high quality the packaging was, even for this small tester pot. When I opened the pot a creamy coloured wax greeted me. The wax its self has a nice sweet smell which makes it pleasant to work with, Auto Finesse claim it’s a pineapple smell – not something I could smell myself, but still a nice smell!


Temptation is a very workable mixture, very soft making it glide over the surface of the paint as you apply. I used an Auto Finesse Dual Foam Applicator (http://shop.autofinesse.co.uk/dual-foam-applicator) which I find gives something firm to hold and allows a nicer even spread over the panels. For this test I decided to only apply to the bonnet, I applied 1 coat evenly over the bonnet and left to cure for about 10 minutes while I started to pack my cleaning gear away. Once it had cured I buffed it off with a clean microfiber, the nature of the wax meant it was light work to buff off, and didn’t take much effort at all.

The Results:
Time for the good stuff! (cue obligatory beading photo) So the day after I applied Temptation I woke up to find out the heavens had opened up and rained all over my clean car! However I was extremely surprised to see how well it had coped compared to other waxes on the market for less than £25. My freshly waxed bonnet was covered in nice beads!


The wax has now been on the car about 2.5 to 3 months and around 3000 miles over a rather harsh period, there have been lots of dirty roads, terrible rain, a few days of snow, and the dreaded grit! The bonnet was in a pretty sorry state and was absolutely ditched!


If I’m honest I wasn’t expecting the wax to still have been any good as it had been a few harsh months and id only ever applied 1 layer. However come today and a nice cleaning session I was extremely surprised with the results! (see video)

Youtube Video ->
Original Video

As you can see from the video there is still some nice water sheeting and protection, best of all it was so easy to clean all the dirt off the bonnet! I didn’t apply another coat of wax to the bonnet and decided to leave it to see how it would cope. As expected the results weren’t as good as when first applied, but you can see there is still some water run off, a spot of beading and the bonnet still has a nice shine when dry!


To End:
Temptation is a very good product to use, easy to work with and provides long lasting results, at a fraction of the next competing wax!

Thanks for reading my first product review, any thoughts tips etc are welcome :)


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Nice review, never tried this so i think i might give it a go now. Cheers

its worth the money if you want an effective and cheap to buy wax!

Ive only ever used the shampoo and wax mixes and feel i need to up my game. This is good without breaking the bank How much did you use on the first layer?

bearing in mind i only got a small tub id say that one tub would be more than enough to cover a full lupo in 1 coat!

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