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hello, i have a question about clutch. My 1.4 16v's clutch is very heavy. It has some signs of faulty pedal box, but I'm afraid the problem is the clutch itself.

clutch cable started to break in the end where it hooks on gearbox. I don't know if it was damaged or just because its time for it to go. so as i was changing it, i noticed that the clutch release arm moves with a lot of friction. my question is should it be possible to move clutch arm by hand or no? i cant move it, it feels very (too?) stiff.

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My lupo also had a very heavy clutch, yesterday we removed the gearbox and fitted a new clutch. Once we had the old clutch plate out we were a bit miffed as there was loads of meat left on the clutch and the pressure plate and flywheel also looked good.

We decided to fit the new clutch plate, pressure plate and thrust bearing anyway, didn't see any point in putting the old one back in after all the work we had done.

On reassembly and first try of the pedal it was super light! The difference was incredible, I would recommend that you change your clutch to solve your heavy clutch issue.

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I've experienced other models have a stiff clutch lever pivot bush- where the lever goes through the bell housing. I think water gets in there and corrodes the joint and then it gets really stiff. Does that happen on a lupo?

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