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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! I need some help figuring out the coding for the abs unit in my Lupo 1.4 I get fault code for abs not being coded correctly.
  2. Hi, after a strange battery fault (all off, the dashboard too) in the garage a guy helped me with a big battery and my Lupo 1.4 TDI starts again. While he connect his battery to mine i can ear much relais click click click... but the car good start. After a few of meters i ear three beep and ABS light and Break light went on in the dashboard. In the moment so the centralized locker doesn't work. From that moment the situation is the same. Fuses are ok and electric tell me thath ecu not responding to his vag. Now i would to know: Can i verify some relais? where? Are there other fuses over the
  3. Trx 33

    Rear axle ABS

    Is it possible to do a gti/sport rear axle conversion on a car without ABS?
  4. The abs appears to be kicking back everytime the brakes are applied, although the abs light doesn't come on, I dont know of anything else that would make the brake pedal kick back. It makes a horrific metal on metal grinding sound too. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. Driving along in my lupo gti when the break pedal juddered as if the abs was engaging without pressing down on the break pedal. ABS light comes on so send it to a friend whos a mechanic he reckoned it was the abs sensors. He tided up the breaks etc and the light went off and car was fine. Few days later same thing happened again with the break juddering as if the ABS was engaging. This time we replaced the sensors. No luck, lights still on! Disconnected the battery to see if the ABS needed to reset itself but still no luck. Any ideas what it could be? Read on here the pickup sensor and the mas
  6. Hi, Today i noticed my Battery light on my dash didnt go out after i had started it, also after some time the ABS light came on as well, i turn the headlights off (as it stopped raining) and both lights went out. A short time after the battery light came on and continued to flash on and off for the rest of the drive back home. I also noticed that the car continued to idle over 1100 rpm even after it was warm.. which i though was unsual. Its a 2005 Lupo GTi, any ideas if this indicates issues? Thank Guys
  7. Hi, my friend is breaking a 6n2 with ABS and my lupo doesn't have abs. The mounts are all there and all the brakes are the same size. is it possible to retrofit it in?
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