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Found 8 results

  1. Hi folks! Having a bit of a nightmare at the moment, decided that for my first car I'd invest in a Lupo since I've always had a soft spot for them and my wee car is becoming a bit of a nightmare. At first the car ran great, no issues, I knew the battery would need changed over but that's nothing to sort, car is clean, no warning lights, years MOT, no knocks, you all know the script. So after a couple weeks a check light came on and I used an OBD to find out that it was a P0404 which was exhaust gas recirculation, narrowed it down to the EGR valve and replaced it and the car ran perfectly fine again, at the same time as changing this I had a look and checked the filters etc and it was all clean so no cause for concern. Now the next thing to happen happened today, I drove the car and picked up my partner from work and on the way home I filled the car up, paid for my fuel and made on my merry way, as soon as I got out of the garage and making my way along the road the car started to lose power ad sort of chug it's way along, to put it into perspective I had my foot all the way to floor and I wasn't even hitting 30 in 3rd gear. Now I know what you're thinking, the tube has filled it up with the wrong fuel and I have asked myself the same question but I can guarantee that the car was fuelled with unleaded petrol. I am pretty stumped as the car ran totally fine until I fuelled it up. interestingly when I got back home, my partner she could smell a faint burning smell, It doesn't smell like clutch or fuel or oil so I can't pin point one specific thing. I do not have ace to an OBD at the moment so I was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue or any possible solutions? Thanks in advance for any tips or solutions!
  2. Hi guys, thought id start a thread to keep my Lupo updated on here even though it looks like the website had died a bit I will keep this updated with most modifications I will do to the car. Brought the car back in October 2015 without a license and haven't drove it just yet on my own as test is in October. Only just really got round to giving it a good clean and tidy up all round. Car was a bit of a mess and did smell like **** inside. First thing changed the headunit and fixed broken door cards. And gave the enterior a good clean and wet hoovered the seats and roof liner, this pretty much brought the inside back to new just small broken things like door check strap and winders which have now been replaced. Next was wheels and needed a change from trims as I lost 1 taking a speed bump a bit too quick for my Lupo. Found a set of Dotz alloys on eBay for £100 and had to go and see them. Lucky me they all had new tires on and not too bad condition. Fitted these and now rubbing when turning due to a broken wheel arch liner sticking out and hitting on full lock. After this I left the the car for a few months as slighty lost interest with driving. About a month ago I needed to update the car and do something with it so I brought pretty much everything I'm going to need for fixing and repairs. A proper jack and stands and all the tools I could possibly need and can't forget coilies and 25mm spacers. Spacers are currently fitted and while doing this I have scrubbed the arches clean from all the mud that was lodged around the arch and wire brushed the breaks. Did an oil change and filter replacement. Cars oil looked like it hadn't been changed all its life and was very dark and filled with bits and crud. Oil filter was also locked on which was a 30 min job turned 2 hours. Yesterday must have given the car the deepest clean of its life got pretty much every bit of dirt off the exterior and gave a good 2hr Polish bringing the paint back to a deep shiny black. Car is in serious need of a clay bar as tree sap has took over the roof and bumpers. Coilies will be next and then looking to black out the interior. tldr. Restoring the car.
  3. Got myself a black VW Lupo 1.0L in black as a first car and looking for some cheap mods as I am on a budget but want the car to look and possibly perform better?
  4. mpiloop

    Silly 1.0L

    So I've got a 1.0l lupo and being a mechanic and enthusiastic tinkerer, I feel the need to push it to its limits, and before people start saying but a gti or buy a 1.4 or engine convert it the point of this is to have fun an try to push the boundaries of this way to practice 1.0L. Any ideas would be great as to what to do. I've already gone for the standard of lowering and banded steels, however im feeling some forced induction coming along and feel that a supercharger is the better way to go for this, as turbo converting it may be stupid, I have access to a fabrications workshop and body-shop as well as a massive garage the only restriction is money here and our imagination so please chip in with some ideas guys lets see how much fun we can have!
  5. Hi guys, got a 53 plate Arosa mk2 recently and was wondering if any of you have any ideas I could use to make it look a bit better?
  6. its only done 35,000 miles but i have only just brought it and dont have a clue about cars, might sound like a stupid question
  7. I am looking for a 1.0l rolling shell so I can put my engine into it. I have a clean engine just need a shell or a 1.0l Lupo with a knackered engine as I have everything to fix it all up Looking for a quick buy really, would like to get on the road quickly Contact me on courtneymattocks@gmail.com
  8. Hey, I'm Jack, 17 and just bought a 1.0L Lupo SE for my first car! It's in perfect condition and only has 15,000 miles. I want to get it lowered with a nice set of BBS or BBS look-a-like rims on it. Any advice on costs would be much appreciated. Really excited to get driving it.
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