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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, Suddenly have a soaking drivers side carpet - The chamber below the windscreen is clear and no water coming in through the heater or anything.....There is a lot of water, but no damp doors or rear panels etc.....So, that suggests from underneath? Any known points? The rubber bungs at a glance look pretty good down the undersides, but havent really had a chance to get in for a closer look. There was a lot of rain this weekend, so, I am still not ruling out a leak from above too.....So, any possible pointers ? I know water can be a git....... Luckily, I have a garage and dont need the car, so can get it under cover, seats out and carpets up to stop the smell getting in etc.....but yeah, need to work out the culprit......Grateful for any pointers....thanks
  2. Just a quick post.... I was having lots of trouble with water getting in my passenger footwell for ages until I realised the problem... This is a post for everyone else to consider when they are searching for a water leak problem! Basicaly, When the door speakers were mounted to the cars from new, they used rivets and the back of the mooting plates were SEALED to the inside of the door. This prevents the water that is designed to get into the door, coming in the car and simply drains out the holes in the bottom of the door. So when you get your lovely Lupo and someone (the previous owner to mine) has decided to put some s**t aftermarket c**py speakers in instead, make sure you check they're nicely fitted and sealed in some form... Its also not good to use MDF for adaptor plates, as they love water and then your car will be damp... use plastic. Or just get some of the original speakers and fit them, which is what I intend to do! The other benefit of the originals is they had some protection on the back to stop the rear connections going rusty and corroded. Makes me sad that the previous owner also used wood screws to fit his speakers whats wrong with people like that! Hope this helps.
  3. Hi all, I was wondering if comeone could point out where the drainage holes are on a Lupo GTI. Also, any recommendations on the best way to clean them out ? Given its age, I wanted to make sure they are clean so as to avoid problems in the future. Thx
  4. Hi Can anyone tell me how hard it is to remove the glass sunroof? My other half's 2000 Sport doused her in water the other day from behind the headlining . It was the sunroof drain grommets in the A pillars, bunged solid. Had to take them off to wash them out (and to get the water to drian with a big gurgle). This means that to reattach them, I think I'll need to get at the top end to get enough free play. I need to do that anyway, as the sunroof is stiff, and doesn't close properly unless you help it, so I guess it needs cleaning and lubricating. Damned VW, it's only 13 years old... Does the headlining need to come out? I can't see fixings from above. Found this, which might be useful. I have the ELSAWin manuals somewhere, but not sure where, so any help appreciated. Chris
  5. Basically my mate has water in the drivers footwell and behind in the rear footwell and we both have no idea where it could have come from, any ideas to get this sorted?
  6. Hello all, New to the site and new to car ownership. Have a 1.4 petrol, 3 dr Lupo with the full length sunroof. Its a canopy style and retracts automatically from a control on the dashboard. Have found recently that after heavy rain, the guides for the rollers on the sunroof fill up with water, so that when you start the engine, it leaks through the roof onto your lap! Don't have a manual for this car (2001 model) and can't find any drains, scuppers, or rubber nozzles anywhere.... Can anyone suggest how to fix this problem, or where the drains might be hidden? Thanks!!
  7. Hi guys, Have checked through previous posts to check for faults so was after some advice on my emissions problem and another problem I noticed in the water tank? MOT on car was fine bar the emissions which were miles out! 0.76% instead of 0.30% 299 instead of 200 1.06 instead of 1.03 (don't have sheet with me so think that's it) Idle passed but all others failed at roughly above. Car has had a new exhaust including CAT fitted 3 months ago. Always starts hot or cold, no smoke. Now also this morning the water light came on so checked the levels and noticed a load of sludge in the water tank tipped a little hot water in to make up to the level and light went out. The car never over heats always sits in the middle of the gauge. It doesn't lose any oil or water as when topped water up I only put about 100ml in? The car has been sat for 4 weeks whilst we were on holiday and only ever does a 3 mile run when used, this is the first time it's moved to go for MOT. Does it need a blast up the motorway? Had water pump done with cam belt about 18 months ago. Car is in garage at the mo after failure and they have cleaned spark plugs as were crusted and will clean the throttle bodies tomorrow but any info I can throw at them would be greatly appreciated!!!
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