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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I need some help figuring out the coding for the abs unit in my Lupo 1.4 I get fault code for abs not being coded correctly.
  2. Hi,I have a problem on Lupo 1.0 AUC 37kW with fuel mixture. VCDS showing error:17560/P1152 - Long Term Fuel Trim Additive Air; Bank 1; Range 2: System too Lean17573/P1165 - Long Term Fuel Trim Additive Air; Bank 1; Range 1: System too RichAfter clearing these errors they comes back in few days. In a month comes on engine light too. Last time I cleared errors I looked on oxygen sensors learning values: -6% on idle and +24% on partial load. The strange thing is that readiness is absolutely OK. Any suggestions? I'm little bit helpless at this moment.What have been done:- new oxygen senzor- cleared throttle body- replaced some bad looking hoses- cleared manifold preassure senzor- changed fuel filterPics from VCDS there: https://imgur.com/a/ZehuiX5
  3. I was hoping someone may be able to give me advice on the most cost effective way of using some sort of vcds / vag.com software and interface for doing basic hydraulic settings and error code checks/ clearing for the lupo 3l 1.2tdi. I recently completed some essential maintenance on the hydraulic system; accumulator, gear actuator gasket and pipe seals. I understand that after this type of work a basic setting should be done. the hydraulic system appears to work fine with 6 changes before pump kicks back in (only 3 before accumulator changed) and no unwanted noise when changing gear, however I would like to be able to do the basic setting to avoid any possible future gearbox problems. I have read quite a bit about vcds / rosstech and it appears that I could use registered vcds lite and a third party interface, but I would like to know from others who may be able to advise me if this is the case or any alternatives. my only concern is that when I search rosstech website there is no information on the 3l, just the hydraulic system (or perhaps i'm looking in the wrong place). any advice would be appreciated many thanks
  4. Hey all - this is my first post after purchasing a rather tired 2000 1.7 S SDI with 155k on the clock. It's got it's share of problems that I'm working through, one of which is the central locking. It's as if it doesn't have it at all! I can lock both doors and the boot with the key but none of these operate the central locking. The V5 definitely states it's an S so it should have central locking. The previous owner also stated that the central locking didn't work so it's assumed to be there. The odd this is that VCDS-Lite cannot find the controller on channel 35 so I can't see what it's playing at. Not sure if it helps/is related, but there is a red LED by the drivers door pin, but this doesn't come on when the doors are locked. Not sure if it's existence means the car should have central locking? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Tim
  5. Cheers Mates. I'm from Romania. Here the Lupo's aren't that popular, but the owners are very proud of this little car. A friend of mine from the vw lupo club romania fitted cruise control on his TDI 1.4 AMF. I was wondering if I could do the same on my little 1.0 AUC. It's fly by wire, and has a clutch switch also. I basically want to know the login code for the vagcom. I guess it's different from TDI's, isn't it? Please give me some good news.
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