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  1. I suspected that. Thanks anyway. It's curious just how come vehicles even with cable throttle have cruise control and a modern vehicle with DBW doesn't. It's not a luxury, but a necesity. Thank you.
  2. Cheers Mates. I'm from Romania. Here the Lupo's aren't that popular, but the owners are very proud of this little car. A friend of mine from the vw lupo club romania fitted cruise control on his TDI 1.4 AMF. I was wondering if I could do the same on my little 1.0 AUC. It's fly by wire, and has a clutch switch also. I basically want to know the login code for the vagcom. I guess it's different from TDI's, isn't it? Please give me some good news.
  3. Any chance of fitting cruise control on lupo 1.0 AUC? I have a pdf with the wiring diagram but i don't know what to do in the VAGCOM. Is a code for activation, and i don't know it. Can anyone please help me?
  4. What do you mean by: "Your gearing will be out"
  5. Highway MPG is about 70 mpg. City is usually half that. Lupo 1.0 AUC
  6. Cheers man! What you've done with this car could only be a dream for me. Keep up the good work!
  7. Why didn't you get wider rubber? It looks weird. BTW the rims are sick. Looks like some Ronals Turbo only wider and with some "bling".
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