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Found 6 results

  1. Lupo has struggled to start for some time and recent battery charge did not start her. Typically car has done short journeys and been spluttering into life on starts. Car Was left two weeks then died. No amount of battery charging is solving it. Could the battery be completely flat? Fueling issue? Cambelt is fine and sparks were changed when informed that Bosch are rubbish for the 1.4 16v.
  2. TgLupo

    New Lupo

    Hey, I just joined the page along with my 1.0 VW Lupo 2000 reg. Hopefully will be posting the progress throughout the changes I make but it's my first car so there won;t be much done to it. But it is great to be part of such an amazing car community already. Thanks TG.
  3. I am having problems with my starter not turning the engine properly, the symptoms are strange: It grinds but the flywheel if not damaged The power drops to 8v, sometimes cutting the power to the stereo loosing presets etc... After about 2 to 3 seconds of grinding noise the car turns and starts straight away. It is a re-manufactured bosch starter The battery is brand new and capable of 670amps After the car is started I can stop it and it starts fine every time after, then if I let it sit for an hour the same thing happens! I thought it would be the solenoid getting a little stuck but I don't think that the motor would spin then! Please help I am very confused
  4. hello. I recently had a gearbox change,and i wast lost how to install back the starter motor..can someone please post a picture of starter connected to the engine,,i want ro make aure cos i want to burn anythng.thanks.
  5. hi there!! just got myself a 1litre mk1 arosa S for my first car, and what can i say ... i love the little yellow thing haha just got a few questions though...1 1.) im trying to wire up a starter button for it.. i've found the starter motor wire to my ignition... but dont know which other wire it is that goes live only when the ignition is on... but isnt the auxillary? ... any ideas? 2) how the hell do i wire up a amplifier for my new head unit also? o.o i dont know which wire the red one goes to :3 ... as u may be able to tell not very good with cars ... more of a motorbike lad tbh thanks for the help haha, ill post some pics up when i start the mods... thinkin about:- motorbike end can slammin it paintin it ST orange with silver holographic metallic flake some decent black alloys "edge" speaker system to go with the orange and black interior
  6. Hi guys, I am hoping that someone can shed some light on this issue... Had mechanic take a look at car, sometimes it turns over fine.. other times it wont start at all Heres whats been done so far > Ignition Barrow changed (when purchased car) > Ignition Plug (recently) > Brand New Battery > Brand New Starter I was told might be ignition module... any ideas? I have a video of me starting.. should I upload? Thanks Jarynn
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