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  1. - UPDATE - After lots of research and conflicting advise I determined that it must be a faulty bendix. The gears on the starter which turn the flywheel were just spinning on the starter motor shaft but eventually creating enough friction and then turning the flywheel. So problem solved with a new starter and now starts on the key!
  2. I am having problems with my starter not turning the engine properly, the symptoms are strange: It grinds but the flywheel if not damaged The power drops to 8v, sometimes cutting the power to the stereo loosing presets etc... After about 2 to 3 seconds of grinding noise the car turns and starts straight away. It is a re-manufactured bosch starter The battery is brand new and capable of 670amps After the car is started I can stop it and it starts fine every time after, then if I let it sit for an hour the same thing happens! I thought it would be the solenoid getting a little stuck but I don't think that the motor would spin then! Please help I am very confused
  3. Probably a very stupid question but, should I be able to see gearbox oil through the inspection hole? A am having problems with a grinding starter motor and after seeing that is is very new and the cables all look fine, I think it must be the alignment. Tom
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