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Found 4 results

  1. So since it's my 18th today, i thought now would be a good time to introduce Loopy (Very original name, i know... ) I bought a soft blue 1.4 Lupo for my first car, and i just wanted to start my build thread as i have a lot of plans for it. First off, this is her: (sorry for the bad quality images. A better camera is in the works) I've started off with little things whilst I'm still getting used to the car: (The nasty looking plates are going...the DVLA spelt my name completely wrong on my ownership documents, so i have to wait for them to come back correct so i can get some nice pressed ones ) My dad is a big inspiration to me, and is just as excited for me to get my car as i am. He came to me and said "so when are you getting your coilovers so we can fit them?" Seeing as I've paid for everything off my own back so far, he helped me out with a few things: Pioneer stereo and pre-amped sub. I owe him a pint or two So far, I've gone as far as Wednesbury in her, and i have plans to travel to manchester too. I'm also really into bmx, so im very pleased that the seats fold down I purchased a HID Kit, and also new brake pads when it went through its MOT and they came up on the advisory along with a nearly bald tyre, of which caused me to replace all four. Its crazy how much of a difference there is in the brightness and clarity. I got some free LED sidelights in with the kit as a gift, and so fit them too: I have a few other things planned, but for now im happy with her and will be holding off on anything else for a little while. Some smaller updates will no doubt come through soon, but nothing major. Thanks for reading. Mylo
  2. So i've been noticing swirl marks more and more everytime i clean my car, they are really starting to bug me and i want to try and geet rid of them? does anyone have any tips for this? thanks, Lewis!
  3. Hi guys! So i've brought this cute little lupo as my first car since i wanted a car of a certain quality and something which would be fun to drive. It's a light Blue lupo 1.0 from 1999, which will get some mods as the funds raise for it. So far I've swapped out the wheels for some VW Motorsport RIAL rims, debadged and sharan sized badge on the rear and changed the stereo to a MFD unit for the pure OEM look. Im always looking for new ideas and mods for the car, and like everyone might suggest, i know i need more low, but i need to save up the money for new suspension parts until then, this is what I got: And with the new Sharan badge in place: and some lousy interior photos:
  4. Hi all, I picked up a Soft Blue Lupo 1.4s today, I have always loved them (and my MINIs) so chuffed that I now have one of each. As soon as I got in I ordered some 15" black gloss wolfrace slot mags which I have been internet stalking for a while, a black mesh grill and the obligatory richbrook tax disc holder in Monaco blue. It's only day one but loving being a Lupo owner already Looking forward to learning all about your Lupos!!
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