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Found 7 results

  1. Danslupo


    I just picked up my first VW Lupo. I'm going to use it as a bit of a project, as it needs some love and attention thanks to the previous owner treating it like a bin!!! Anyway, it seems to drive fine but bodywork has some touches rust and chopped paint. Biggest pain is the roof gutter metal trim has popped up at the front of the car and I can't seem to push it back in! I've stuck it down with gaffa tape for now!!!! Can I slide it out and refit. There is some of the dreaded rust but it looks like it had work done previous (watchdog!!!) and I wanted to take them out and clean up and grease. Any advice would be welcome!! I'm a newbie at this, so sorry if I'm sounding clueless!!!
  2. Ok, need some help my lupo 1.0 is having issues starting /running first i go to start the car , it starts fine , then other times it barely starts takes about 5 seconds then it sounds like only 1 cylinder is firing or something, the whole cars judders, embarassing 2nd , sometimes the epc light comes on and the car wont go past 3000rpm, then it does the same without an epc light , it turns itself off then restarts itself idling at 1000 rpm, usually around 850rpm 3rd , i pull up to the traffic lights then the car dies then struggles to start , just wondering if anyone else has had the same issue or any solutions to fix it, cheers
  3. I had some 40mm springs fitted by a friend today and now when I'm driving I hear a lot of moving around it seems, and when I turn my wheel I hear movement. Also wheels look almost as if they're cambered. Picture doesn't do justice. Is this just because of the new springs needing to bed in or is there more too it? Any suggestions would be great, thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, everybody! I'm quite the new beginner when it comes to what's going on under the hood of a car, so it's been quite hard finding topics referring to my problem, since I don't know what the parts do or are called. Although, worth mentioning is that I don't mind getting my hands dirty and I prefer hands on learning. So here's my story: I've owned my Lupo for almost two years now and I've had a few problems during this time. Nothing big though and it's always run smoothly. The car has gone 210 000 km, which is about 130 000 miles, so it's probably on the bad side of the human 50's, I guess, considering physical condition, of course. About two months ago I lost my acceleration, basically. At first I thought that the car was a bit slow but then I reached "Åby-backen", which is a steep slope on the freeway, outside my hometown "Norrköping" and found that going uphill I could reach a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph). I got passed by lorries and in order not to piss people off I had to stay at that speed for the rest of the ride. So, this is the state that my Lupo is in atm. I cracked up the hood and found some leads as to what was causing the turbo, I suppose, not to work. I'll show you what I'm talking about in some pictures but here's also a short text description. A major oil spillage revealed that a quite thick pipe had sprung loose. So I cleaned the engine quickly, jammed the pipe back in jumped in the car and drove off. Now everything was smooth sailing once again. But I was quite suspicious and rightfully so. I thought to myself that it shouldn't be that easy. Of course I wanted to try the acceleration off for real and here's where it happened. The pipe sprung loose once again and I could hear how the engine started to, I dunno how to put it but, roar in an unsatisfying way and I lost my acceleration once again. Now I thought that the problem was that the pipe was old and worn out so I made a Donald Duck kind of repair and used a pair of straps to fasten the pipe again. This worked for a few days but somehow it doesn't any longer. It's quite tight but still the pipe is pushed out. I'm thinking that it might have something to do with pressure rather than a screwed up pipe. Sorry for the long post. I hope you can look past that and help me in finding a solution to my problem. Thank you! Pictures> If you need to see more pictures just say and I'll post what you need.
  5. Right. So my GTI is draining its battery. The battery is fine (Holds charge and copes well with a discharge test). I also bought a brand new battery over spec'd for the car and that also keeps dying. I've done the usual checks, all earths and positive cables are fine, I've removed the fuses one by one to observe a change in drain (Albeit did change - but it stayed at about 2.88A) all to no avail. Then i removed all fuses (Including engine fuses) and it read 2.88A. The weird thing is, if i leave the car disconnected (Say over night) and check the drain in the morning, it's normal (between 0.1-0.2A). If i leave the car connected to the battery the drain increases - so after a full day and night of being attached its reading anything upward of 2.8A - the highest being 3.2A!!!! I read on here that the CCM can sometimes be an issue, but my thinking is that if I've removed all of the fuses, nothing should be live? (With the exception of the starter motor as that's got a permanent live from the battery). Does anyone have any other avenues I should look at? As it's pretty tiresome having it go dead constantly. If i have no luck then i'll book it into VW so they can take a look at it. Thanks in advance, Matt
  6. hi have a lupo thats indicators have packed up. \the hazards work so i know the bulbs work as do alll the fuses. Now the wipers are not working. Can anyone helpor send me a link foradvice Many thanks Grovey
  7. Went out in my lupo for a drive earlier as i had nothing to do, drove for about 20 minutes tops and the temperature had increased to over 110 degrees so i nursed it home, checked the expansion tank for the coolant and it was on the maximum line, opened the expansion tank to check that there was compression which there was, felt the two hoses going to the thermostat to see if they was both hot or not but it was only the top one which was hot and the bottom hose was cold, anyone have any clue what it could be and is this a common fault? Its the 1.4s (not the sport)
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