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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, My girlfriend bought Lupo 3L 1.2 TDI. 2000 y. Problem is that steering in slow speed or parking is hard even for me. Does it has to be like this? If not, where can be problem? Also, seller told that in this model there is no power steering. Is it possible to put power steering from other lupo model to this? Thanks in advance
  2. Good evening all, Pretty new to the whole forum thing but have been amazed by all the knowledge on Club Lupo. Now I need some help. I have a 2001 SDI with about 80,000 on the clock. Problems 1. Power steering only works going right. I have topped up the fluid and tried to bleed the system but still no luck. Going left is much harder working against the pump. Turing right is not smooth it feels like it jolts and the power steering kicks in. I would love to tell you how it started but i lent my car to a friend as his car was in the garage being fixed and got it back like this. If there is anyone local to me (Salisbury Wiltshire) that has good knowledge of this to help. I have a few more smaller issues to fix along the way so this list may be added to. Hope someone can help.
  3. hey guys, just noticed that in my 02 arosa, the cigarette lighter's power isn't switched by the ignition, it's on constantly. (when the ignition is off the outlet still supplies 12v when it should supply the power when the ignition is on.) Any help you have on this issue, causes or how to fix it would be much appreciated. as i need 12v switched power for my dashcam to work correctly. Thanks, Adam
  4. Hello, was just wondering how the power steering fluid can be drained? I want to drain it has it hasn't been done in a while plus i feel like a new load of power steering fluid will help keep everything in check. Any help would be great and Pictures will also be a huge help Thanks.
  5. Hi all, I have a seat Arosa 1 litre and I was just woundering if I can get anymore power out of it? Just using the Arosa for a run about for when I get a caddy. Thanks
  6. Wondering if anybody could help. My 1 litre Lupo loses power when the engine gets hot, had the car scanned and it came up with a fault with the knock sensor. Fitted a new knock sensor, scanned again and no faults came up, however the car still loses power when the engine gets hot. It runs fine cold but loses power whenever the engine starts to get a little warm. Its a 2000, with around 110k on the clock. Also the exhaust is blowing just before the back box, doubt this would be causing it but i have no idea Any suggestions would be awesome
  7. My battery was replaced in February this year when I got it serviced, so it shouldn't be that. Whenever it rains or if it is humid and misty my engine seems to lose power, it will start but then randomly jerk and jitter under low and high speeds/revs. When I try to correct it by pushing on the accelerator to increase the revs the rev meter will continue to drop and then suddenly increase giving lots of revs for half a second then decrease again making it jittery and hard to drive. ONLY experienced it in bad/wet weather conditions. The battery warning light flickers wildly when the power is decreasing and when the revs shoot back up again it goes off. Any advice is much appreciated.
  8. I bought a 03 reg Polo 1.0 in Essex the other day. The Engine Management light (of course) came on shortly after leaving the dealers forecourt, however the car did not immediately show any unusual signs, so I decided to keep going on the 60 miles to my house, but of course playing close attention to any change in the behavior of the car. Roughly 20-30 mins into the drive down M25 at 60mph, the engine did start to feel a bit soggy. It lost some of its bite, but temp was ok so I slowed down a bit and decided to stop somewhere safe to have a look/listen with the car in idle. Looking for a suitable place to stop, I did notice that the car was loosing more and more power. I could not keep it going in 5th etc. and up-hill I could barely do make it run in 3rd. I found a place to stop, and the engine ran with a 'stutter' meaning ever other second or so, it was like setting out for a fraction of a second, enough for the engine block to give a shake. The engine didn't sound troubled at all, but just arrhythmic (for a better word). (It's here important to notice that I at no point turned off the ignition !!!!) Rather than leave the car on hard shoulder in Kent, I decided to see if I could make it to Jct8 which was another 8 miles or so, but up-hill for the most parts. The car basically lost more and more power, and I had serious doubts if I would be able to make the ramp off M25 at Reigate as it's a hell of a long upwards climb, but I managed to get it all way up in partly 1 partly 2nd gear. When first up the hill, the drive down Reigate hill was easy, however had to stop for red lights in Reigate town, and I could hardly rev the car up even in neutral, and the engine then simply died when I was trying to pull off for green... Dammit I thought as I had a line of cars behind me, now I block A25 in the middle of the lights, where there is nowhere to push the car into. For whatever reason, I turned the key to ignition off position and probably out of panic turned the ignition back on, and the engine sprang to life as the previous 45minutes of driving horror had never happened. The car drove absolutely beautifully the next couple of miles to my house. Question, does this 2003 car have some sort of 'idiot protection' which will slowly cripple the car in case an idiot as me decides to ignore the Engine Management lamp ? Whatever made the car drive sluggish, completely disappeared after turning off/on ignition. I just took the car for 10 min drive round town, and it drives beautifully, however Engine Management light of course still on.... Any advise is most welcome...
  9. my 1.4s is currently juddering i recently drove through wuite a large puddle and was wondering if it had anything to do with this i have had the throtle body of and air box but there are no signs of water or anything else other than a creamy gunk in the airbox from the breather. any help or light shed on my situation would be much apreciated.
  10. Hey guys, I'm pretty rubbish at using the search bar and I was wondering (if it hasn't been done before) what kind of power can be achieved from a 1.4s 75bhp engine without being boosted? Help much appreciated. Kay.
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