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Found 6 results

  1. New member here, hiiiiii. Basically, I've been doing huge amounts of research and found the perfect set of wheels in terms of offset, look, width, etc., but they're Volvo, 5x108 jobbies. I've been told that it'd be impossible to get adaptors to make it happen from a 4x100. 1 ) is that right? Should I let the dream die? 2 ) could I not get the adapters made? Willing to pay a fair amount but obviously nothing ludicrous. Open to suggestions. 3 ) is there any other way I can make them fit? Please help! Thanks
  2. Hi I have just bought a Lupo E 2002 with the sunroof that rolls all the way back. I discovered the other day I have water seeping through soaking the whole of the back of the top of the roof! Can anyone suggest ways of fixing it or what the course of this could be. Is it just the drainage pipes need cleaning out or do I need a whole new seal? If so can anyone recommend me any brands or places to buy? many thanks
  3. So I took out insurance with Autosaint and declared that I have aftermarket alloys, and explained they are 15x7 and 15x8 and they said they would insure it but it would cost more so I then agreed and paid the extra. 12 days down the line a mechanic came to fit a black box and then took some photos of the wheel and the rest of the car, sent the to the insurance company and then informed me that they refused to insure them! They are now telling me I have put wheel spacers on them, which I haven't and not declared it! So I'm unsure as to what to do!
  4. Koop

    Monza me?

    Could someone have a go at sticking these 16" monzas... ...on this little loop... ...and drop her a bit? Or lots with tuck Current wheels are also 16s btw. Cheers muchly y'all
  5. :thumbup:Hello am new to club lupo, just recently been banned from driving around october last year, previously car was 1.6 mk4 golf se, had to sell it after being banned, now am looking for something small probs 1.0ltr as am only 19, so to cut it short am after a breaking lupo or any lupo needing a lot of work done to it which can keep me busy until 5th october when ban is over, hit me up with pictures n offers cheers https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150352227124972&set=t.100002538031855&type=3&theater
  6. can someone make this into a signature please?? Thanks
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