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Found 3 results

  1. Recently bought a 2002 Lupo 1.0. Looked good, but has had a few minor problems that I've been steadily sorting. Most annoying has been the noisy door clicking caused by the failed bushes in the door check straps. Was inspired by excellent posting http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/95868-how-to-ghetto-fix-long-term-fix-checkstraps-without-buying-a-new-pair/?hl=%2Bcheck+%2Bstrap to try and fix without spending the £50 that it would take to get two replacement check straps, but did it a little differently. First Try Basically followed the earlier post using some plastic spacers that I had which were conveniently close enough to required size to let me sand them down by a mm or so to get a tight fit.Worked and doors opened and closed quietly, but there was still a little play in pin that attaches the check strap to the car body. Worried that this play would ultimately lead to the same type of failure that the standard part suffers from.Decided that I needed to find a better option for the bush replacement so had a look for a metal alternative.Solution Was able to fix without removing the check straps, but because one of the straps was loose decided to remove it to fix.Removed all of the remnants of the original plastic bushes and cleaned up the partThe replacement bush needs to have 12mm outer diameter, 6mm inner diameter and 8mm height. Found a brass replacement, OB061208, at 88p each. Purchased from Amazon, cheaper delivery that the home website of the supplier. http://www.amazon.co.uk/OB061208-Plain-Oilite-Bearing-Bush/dp/B00DEDEURE/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1377118325&sr=1-1&keywords=OB061208Bush was going to be a little big, so 5 minutes with sandpaper to take a little off the diameter. Checked the pin fitting. Was perfect, rotates freely, but zero play.Used a vice to force the first bush into the check strap. Worked, but decided to give the sandpaper an extra few minutes for the second bush and was able to get it into the check strap in-situ without need for a vice.Fitted check strap, secured pin and greased.Result An absolutely perfect fix that I think will survive as long as the car. Now onto next job, replacing the lambda sensor. Colin.
  2. I have a lupo 1.7 sdi . I know it's a big old diesel for a little car but if anyone else has one could you tell me if it is noisy on tick over
  3. Hi everyone I bought my girlfriend a 1999 SDi 1.7 lupo about a month ago for what i thought was a bargain price. I thought at the time 'I'll spend the next 2 weeks discovering why it was so cheap' now we know ! ok , having repaired both lock mechanisms with the usual ebay kits replaced the clutch and gear gate rod tightened up the loose pendulum support ... I'm left with : a flashing red exclamation brake warning lamp on the dash : comes on when I hit 10 mph accompanied by 3 bleeps fluid level looks ok, front pads plenty wear left (any sensors on the rear drums ?) only mystery is a plastic pipe leaving the top pf the brake fluid reservoir that's had a metal tube crimped off to block it ! what should that have instead ? I've looked on elsawin and can't see any diagram of the fluid reservoir) anybody want to help a newby who's stumped ? cheers ! no hazards. (new switch/relay made no difference) should there be a permanent live to a terminal on the switch ? cos there isn't ...
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