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Found 10 results

  1. Hello all! I have recently acquired a very very cheap 1.4 auto Seat arosa from a family member with the intention of fixing it up and selling it on (with a bit of luck, for a profit!) The main issue the car has apart from cosmetics is with the gearbox. The issue seems to present itself in 2 ways. 1. When under load i.e. accelerating up a hill the car often will not shift into 3rd gear, simply staying in 2nd untill it hits the rev limiter or I let off and it eventually gets its act together. 2. Also when changing from 2nd to 3rd gear (but not exclusively when under load) the car will select neutral or lose drive instead if engaging 3rd gear. I appreciate its most likely very difficult to diagnose just based on a description however i was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I hope to fix the car myself with the help of some friends. We are fairly competent at car maintenance so we can most likely manage it. We just dont know where to look yet. Thanks very much in advance
  2. I’ve taken out the old release cable, the half that goes into the footwell, and I when I’ve put the new one in I’m left with about 10 inches of extra cable. I have probably routed the cable wrong. Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks
  3. So I’ve been driving my Lupo 1.0 for nearly a year and I’ve noticed that it takes a lot more force to turn the steering wheel to the right than to the left. Would this be to do with the power steering? Thanks
  4. Hello, my gear linkage is heavy when moving the stick forwards and backwards. I’m guessing this is the cable or something connecting the gear lever to the box? Any ideas what I could do to fix this? thanks
  5. Hi, just got myself a cute little red 1.4 lupo, automatic, got a nasty rumble coming from we think is the front passenger side wheel , you can hear it inside the car when it's driving but not outside..confused as to what it might be?
  6. hi everyone this will sound supid can a lupo gti front bumper fit a lupo sport
  7. Ive been searching for a few days to try and find some green ignition leads as starting from the weekend im gunna be getting parts of my engine sprayed green to match the rest of my car... someone please help me find some!!!!!!!!!
  8. Right so I'm selling my 3Gs and upgrading (finally) And a guy from work wants to buy my 3Gs of me... To use as pay as you go.. Just wondering If there is anyway to wipe my phone clean And for him to be able to use it as pay&go? Any help would be cool
  9. I know there's at least one of you on here... Need some advice, having a bit of a mare converting mk4 golf seats (see http://forums.clublu...showtopic=85039) & while I was deconstructing them it occurred to me that it might make more sense to just take the foam & covers off the golf seat backs & fit them onto the loop seats as they're almost identical, I did start trying to take the back off one of the loop seats but couldn't unhook all the wires holding everything together - how do you do this and, perhaps more importantly, how do you hook them back up again so your cloth sits nice & snug? (cos i'm sure some bolt croppers would have them off but then i'd be b*ggered lol) Obviously I've asked for advice on making the conversion work in the other thread but this way could be a whole lot easier in the long run. Thanking you in advance
  10. I finely got a gearbox out of a 2002 polo 6N2 to go in the Sport, the drivers mounting was spot on, and on top of the gearbox there is a mounting and it is not meeting up too the top mounting to bolt down it looks like gearbox is too short has anyone changed a gearbox and came up with the same troubles?! Thank you for any information!
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