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Found 4 results

  1. I am looking to fit an ambient air temperature gauge to a 54 plate 1.0l Lupo Where is the best place to fit the sensor and which route for the cable into/onto the dashboard is easiest? I am considering putting the sensor inside the wing-mirror but how to get the cable into the cabin? Has anyone fitted one of these themselves? If so, how successful/easy was it? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, a bit of advice please. Just after new year while cleaning my Arosa (2004 1.4s) I noticed the coolant level had dropped below minimum. I've had the car from new and never seen it drop. After a bit of a Google, I suspected there might be a leak so decided to take it into the garage. They investigated, couldn't find a leak, but changed the thermostat and coolant. All was well, but a week later I noticed the temp gauge was not moving on my commute to work (~8 miles mostly on dual carriageway). Some further Googling led me to change the temp sender unit, but I lost some coolant in the process and topped it up. Now the gauge moves up to 70 degrees, but never hits the 90 mark that it has done for the past 10 years. As suggested elsewhere on this forum I've run the engine with the expansion unit top/ filler cap off and the in-car temp whacked up full for 4/5 minutes and the gauge didn't move and the fan on the radiator doesn't seem to come on. Any ideas what the problem might be? Cheers.
  3. Been having a few issues with my Lupo 1.4s (2001) and recently had the crank sensor changed This has solved most of the issues, but now my speedo isn't working at all, it sits at 0 and my milage hasn't moved at all, i didn't drive far but it should have at least registered something. the fuel gauge seems to be acting up slightly, only really when i go round corners it drops a fair bit, i know this will be normal cause it's going away from the pump, but it never used to do it. rev counter & temp gauge still working fine. used a diagnostic to check it, can't remember the code but it said something like 'Speed sensor A' any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance
  4. hi, just taken the sub out of my mates car and put it in mine. He wanted to keep the wiring so we sort of made a homemade kit. for the power we used a really thick gauge stiff copper wire, the sort you use in wiring sockets in the house. my question is do you think its the heavy gauge wiring which is causing it to be quiter and less punchy than in my mates car? thanks
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