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Found 7 results

  1. Hello fellas, after getting started with some maintenance I got 2 questions: Should I use 5w30 or 10w40 on my 1.4 petrol with 93k miles in a temperate climate? (never gets below 0 ºC or above 43 ºC) Is enough cleaning EGR with a brush and kitchen products? I've heard you get better results using these ones than specific EGR Cleaning products and you save a lot Thank you!
  2. I ran a scan on my Lupo because there was an engine light on, here are the results. Can someone explaint what is wrong? Thank you. Chassis Type: 6X (6X - VW Lupo (1999 > 2006)) 1 Fault Found: 16785 - EGR System P0401 - 35-00 - Insufficient Flow Readiness: 0000 0000
  3. Evening all, I changed the engine in my Lupo as the bottom end was finished. The old engine didn't have an EGR port on the cylinder head but my new engine does. I changed all the wiring but the car misfires and sounds unusual. Is there any way to fix it? I also read a thread on here about the EGR valve making the car misfire. Should i blank it and put the old wiring back on? Many Thanks!
  4. Hi, im having trouble with my lupo, its hunting in idle with the revs going up and down between 700 - 1500, this has been the case for about a month or 2 now but today another problem has occured. its not revving propperly, everytime i change gear the revs climb stupidly slow with my foot to the floor until about 3-3.5k and then suddenly it kicks in and i speed off (if thats possible in a 1.0) and when pulling off ive had to redline it to stop it from stalling, i stalled 7 times on my 3 mile journey back from work i have read a few posts with similar problems and various attempts and fails at
  5. Hello, I am new to this and joined as I need help with my Lupo, My EGR Valve is stuck! I have took out all the screws and Bolts I believe that are holding it on, but it wont budge can anyone tell me how to get this to move? There are 2 more screws below the EGR Valve that are hard to access but I don't know if these need to come off! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also if anyone can put pictures of the EGR Valve from there lupo on the website that could also help me. Thanks
  6. Hi all, new to the forum Have a Canica Blue Arsoa Sport (is my girlfriends) Yesterday I did the job of stripping down the EGR and Throttle Body to clear out the 10 years of grime and build up. Ran vagcom adaption of EGR and throttle and OMG... its like a different beast. Now we have way more bottom end, you can really hear the grunt of the induction with increased throttle response and it is pulling nicely from 2000 rpm. I was honestly shocked how much difference it made to the car as it must have been way down on torque. This is a job that is really worth doing!!! The next job will be to str
  7. Hi All, Long time no see on here, but i had to come on to warn people - Sorry about where ive placed this post, i wanted to ensure maximum exposure due to the umbiquitous nature of the engines! Long story short, i have a MY52 Ibiza Mk4 TDi Sport. The Brakes failed suddenly on thursday losing all servo assistance. Needless to say i almost crashed despite selecting 1st gear and a HEAVY tug on the handbrake. These cars barely brake at all without the servo - the Aux pump virtually useless at 25mph+. I popped up the bonnet and found the brake servo hose has split and torn loose. Its a totally c
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