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Found 5 results

  1. First of all hi to all members of this club,i have readen so many topics of this forum,you are doing a great job. My name is John and i am from Greece,unfortunately not so much lupo-lovers there so not much info on our blogs/forums even mechanics. At this point before i ask you my questions i will ask you to forgive me for any language mistakes,i really try to use English correctly. I know from other topics you would suggest go sell your lupo s and buy a lupo gti,but in Greece there are no gti at all.There are 2-3 that are converted to 1.6 but no GTI at all and no 6speed gearboxes.I have readen many topics from this forum propably the most organised all over the world for lupo.Lupo used to be my favourite car as a kid and i bought one 1.4s as my first car. The seller tha was a common "friend" with a cousin of mine lied to us that it was a sport and i bought it...So because i really like this car i would really like to convert to 1.6,not so high insurance etc.I am not thinking at all 1.8/ So i have a lupo 1.4 s 75 bhp cable throttled (AKQ engine code) QUESTIONS 1)As much as i know the engine mounts are the same i will not need changing them right? 2)Gearbox will fit or i need one from polo?i would prefer short shifting not so much high speed 3)i would also like to keep cable throttle because its a bit more "aggressive"(cant think the right word to use) is that possible? 4)as much as i read things that are absolutely neccesary to do the convert are engine(mr. obvious from Greece xD),engine and interior loom,ecu and chip from key? 5)do i need driveshafts? 6)can i use for the start my old exhaust system until i have more money to go for a performance exhaust system? 7)one other question if i can fit the whole dashboard from a polo gti 6n2 because mine has some damage? 8)is something that i need not mentioned? 9)are there are many ecu options from 1.6?i mean are there ecu that can be chipped,remapped and some not? 10)Sorry for so much said and asked i tried to be accurate,really appreciate your work in this place,you are the craziest lupo lovers seen.Have seen some unbelievably nice projects around. thank you for reading and answering
  2. Hi people I'm Joe. I got my first lupo in February 2010 and was a flash red 1.0l (which you may have seen is up for sale). I wanted to start something fresh so I brought my self my second lupo, Soft blue, 1.4s, 62k on the clock tonnes of history with it and standard! I thought this would be a good start for me. I will get pictures up ASAP. I know all people are going to say is lows and slam it but I can't afford that ATM so saving up, and I got some G60s in refurbing to go on it. I intend to keep it clean, and how you enjoy to thread for the future. Joee
  3. G'day, just got me a 1.4s, reasonably standard...won't stay that way haha Here she is after her 1st sticker & a set of pseudo-BBS borrowed from a mate's SORN'd MkII Golf... Wheels cleaned, tyres blacked, barely visible VW logo dust caps... Got me own wheels now but they're pretty battered so they'll need a bit of work before they go on bargain though, good old ebay She's had a heavy rear end shunt (Cat C) at some point & the bumper was replaced with a lupo sport jobby for some reason (probably nearest/cheapest to hand) but spotted a bargain black arosa bumper again on good old ebay which is on the way so that'll be the next thing to go on I reckons. Lowering would be another 380 quid on the insurance & this is gonna be me julie's car when she passes her test so I think we'll have to leave that. Sticking to cosmetic mods seems sensible given the fact it's been written off an all. My grand plan pre-purchase was to get a Mini when she has this (I mean a Mini, not a BMW half series) but man do I love this go kart...so new plan, get a Sport when she passes her test & that one I'll really play with mwahaha. First job will be to swap the gearboxes over hehe [edit] now upgraded to Lupo Sport - sooner than planned! - March 2012
  4. Ok, so I find the standard headrests in the Lupo are EXTREMELY uncomfortable, does anyone know if the headrests from a 6n2 will fit? Thanks from Lewis
  5. For sale is my polo 6n2 GTI Love the car but as its time to renew the insurance funds wont allow me to keep it. private reg will be removed Black Magic Paintwork 2001 X reg 4 owners since new PSH (but been regularly serviced) mot august tax june miles 130000 (on the body ) 80000 ( around abouts on engine, pedal box adn gear box ) The engine and gearbox was done by VW and specialist garages with receipts to prove Im after £1600 exterior hot tunning coilovers (with helpers in and coils left) front bumper bump strip smoothed g60 steels with black centres bought brand new in november original pressed plates will be included gti lights and fogs stubby ariel red grill strip Golf anerversary GTI badges de wipered interior GTI 1 seats all pillars painted black roof died dark grey skoda octavia sun visiors + rear view mirror in black OEM 6 cd changer with gamma tape deck climatronic air con engine car has had a new engine, pedal box and gear box in the last two years (all fitted by vw garages or specialists got recipts) 1.6 gti engine k&n pannel air filter good points loads of recipts smooth front bumper everything in the car is running perfect and has never let me down since owning the car turns heads everywhere i go the car is quick for a 1.6 and handles lovely tyres are 4 months old anthracite badges red trim round grill intirior is clean for the age paint is well still shines beautifully A few Bad points (Price reflects) The car was in a slight bump a few weeks back as you can see by the pictures the front left wing is rippled and crumpled but a brand new genuine wing is been sold with the car. The wing included is Gloss black however will need matching to the original 'black magic' colour which I do not have time to do before the sale. There is a few scuffs on the rear bumper (from previous owner) Its a reluctant sale tried too be as descriptive as possible. Car drives as a GTI should and once the new wing is fitted the desirable GTI looks will be restored. LOTS of receipts to come with the car to show the cars history located in Darlington DL3 (North East) 07708088303 please pm or text any questions Please contact for a viewing not really after part ex already got my eyes on something hope to get a quick sale thanks for reading heres the photos http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii23/sc...le/IMG_0807.jpg http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii23/sc...le/IMG_0867.jpg http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii23/sc...le/IMG_0868.jpg http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii23/sc...le/IMG_0869.jpg http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii23/sc...le/IMG_0870.jpg http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii23/sc...le/IMG_0871.jpg http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii23/sc...le/IMG_0872.jpg http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii23/sc...le/IMG_0873.jpg http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii23/sc...le/IMG_0874.jpg http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii23/sc...le/IMG_0875.jpg http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii23/sc...le/IMG_0876.jpg http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii23/sc...le/IMG_0877.jpg http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii23/sc...le/IMG_0878.jpg http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii23/sc...le/IMG_0879.jpg http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii23/sc...le/IMG_0880.jpg http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii23/sc...le/IMG_0881.jpg http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii23/sc...le/IMG_0882.jpg Thanks for reading
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