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Found 7 results

  1. Hiya, I’m trying to sell my lupo... I love her but she’s poorly and due to personal reasons... I can’t afford to fix her and thanks to an ex, I don’t feel safe in her anymore.... she failed the mot as she has engine faults but I really just need some help... she has sentimental value to me so the fact I’m having to do this is heartbreaking but I’ve got no other option... these photos are of when I first got her, she’s been cleaned and had stuff done to her since including a new gearbox plus other things... help...
  2. Hi I have just bought a Lupo E 2002 with the sunroof that rolls all the way back. I discovered the other day I have water seeping through soaking the whole of the back of the top of the roof! Can anyone suggest ways of fixing it or what the course of this could be. Is it just the drainage pipes need cleaning out or do I need a whole new seal? If so can anyone recommend me any brands or places to buy? many thanks
  3. craig182182


  4. Hi I'm looking for my old seat arosa. I have searched the Internet and it appears to be still on the road. It was 1.0 s in Amarillo yoyo (yellow). Registration PY02 KFN. If you or anybody you know that may have this vehicle could you please get in touch as I would like to buy my old car back.
  5. Hi all! Purchased my 1st Lupo at the start of this week. After working for VW for a while, I jumped at the chance when I saw a Lupo for sale in my area and snapped it up. Immaculate condition for an 02 plate. I am over the moon with my purchase. There are a few things I would like to change though. More for convenience than anything else and was wondering if anyone could advise. I have manual locking. I have to unlock both doors automatically, I would like to upgrade this to central locking and after having a look about the internet have found some universal central locking kits. I was wondering if anyone had used these and how they found it. Although I have mechanical knowledge, I am hopeless at electrics and don't want to fit anything that may cause me electrical problems. I now work for Mitsubishi so I would be looking at fitting the kit myself. Also electric windows. Anyone any idea about changing these from manual. If it can't be done or if it is going to cause problems and high bills to rectify, I will be more than happy to leave it. As I said, it is more for convenience than anything else. Thanks Dani
  6. Hi all, This morning I did a diagnostics check on my car to find some fault codes. It came back with 11 faults :S little bit worrying! some sound serious! These are from the book supplied with the scanner. If someone could help me translate these. The numbers with no explanation don't appear to be in the book! Codes- 17852 - Cylinder #8 fuel injector circuit - open circuit 17510 - o2 sensor circuit heating circuit (B1 - 51) Short to B+ 16500 - Engine coolant temperature circuit - range/performance problem. 18010 - Power supply (B+) Terminal 30 - low voltage 16955, 16946, 17526, 16585, 16587, 16588, 16586 If anyone could help or has had similar issues I would be really grateful! Thanks, Aaron
  7. Hey guys, just got my first car last weekend... a silver 1ltr lupo. I have some thoughts as to what i want to do with it so any feedback from you guys would be most appreciated - First thing i wanna do is get the back 3 windows tinted... not thinking of going too dark, but just so you can still slightly see through. - Then i wanna lower it... any help on some coil overs and springs would be great... dont wanna go ridiculous, maybe 40mm or 60mm - Get the roof wrapped gloss black. - Black out the badges - Get new alloys (some suggestions would be great) - Roof bars - New speakers any other suggestions from you guys would be most appreciated Heres some picture for you too look at... Hope you guys like
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