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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone could help me price up a 2004 Lupo 1.0L I have seen a few online get snapped up for a decent amount even in non-running condition so just wondering what you would all value it at - ideally do not want to scrap! Problems Rear boot catch pushed into - so need to put a bit of pressure on the boot to open (no structural damage) Suspected gear box issue - gears not quite going into action all the time (so would consider underivable currently) Pros: Great interior - little internal wear and tear Great paintwork - no bubbling and still has her shine Only 2 owners - plus service history from date it was manufactured
  2. Hi all, I recently passed my driving test and my first car is a 2001 1L Lupo E, I've had it a little while and it was a bit of a banger when I bought it but I've had a lot of work done to it. So far I've had front wheel bearings replaced, all new tyres, new track rods (think that's what they're called), all wheels have been balanced, tracking has been done and I've had a new timing belt fitted. Anyway in a few weeks I'm planning a road trip with my girlfriend that's about a 3hr drive and its all on the motorway 😐 . I've noticed at about 55mph my car starts to shake pretty bad but it also gets progressively worse as I get faster (never been above 75ish mph) and just wondering if anyone has got any ideas as to what it could be so I can try to get it sorted before the big trip lol?
  3. Passed my test 2 months ago just not really got round to posting much. Not done too much at the moment but hopefully will in the future! When I First Got The Lupo!
  4. Car is a 1L Seat Arosa, 2003. 66k miles.. This knocking noise was a slight problem before, but after a service I told that it was OK. Have just done about 800 miles in a week as was away in England, and first day back and the car sounds like a diesel in idle. When I push the clutch pedal in, it sounds normal, and runs good. Does anyone have any idea whats wrong??
  5. Wondering if anybody could help. My 1 litre Lupo loses power when the engine gets hot, had the car scanned and it came up with a fault with the knock sensor. Fitted a new knock sensor, scanned again and no faults came up, however the car still loses power when the engine gets hot. It runs fine cold but loses power whenever the engine starts to get a little warm. Its a 2000, with around 110k on the clock. Also the exhaust is blowing just before the back box, doubt this would be causing it but i have no idea Any suggestions would be awesome
  6. Hi all! Purchased my 1st Lupo at the start of this week. After working for VW for a while, I jumped at the chance when I saw a Lupo for sale in my area and snapped it up. Immaculate condition for an 02 plate. I am over the moon with my purchase. There are a few things I would like to change though. More for convenience than anything else and was wondering if anyone could advise. I have manual locking. I have to unlock both doors automatically, I would like to upgrade this to central locking and after having a look about the internet have found some universal central locking kits. I was wondering if anyone had used these and how they found it. Although I have mechanical knowledge, I am hopeless at electrics and don't want to fit anything that may cause me electrical problems. I now work for Mitsubishi so I would be looking at fitting the kit myself. Also electric windows. Anyone any idea about changing these from manual. If it can't be done or if it is going to cause problems and high bills to rectify, I will be more than happy to leave it. As I said, it is more for convenience than anything else. Thanks Dani
  7. So car went for Mot other day and i nearly cried.... looks like a costly job and the mechanic just said may aswell leave it but i love the car too much so anyone who can help with anything please do. Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content at idle excessive [7.3.D.5] Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle excessive [7.3.D.4] Exhaust emissions hydrocarbon content after 2nd fast idle excessive [7.3.D.4] Exhaust emission lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits [7.3.D.4] Windscreen washer provides insufficient washer liquid [8.2.3] Nearside inner front constant velocity joint gaiter insecure to the extent that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt ect [2.5.c.1a]
  8. I am selling my Lupo as I need to get a bigger car with more seats. It's in excellent condition and build quality is very solid as you'd expect from Volkwagen. Comes with full service history from new with 40K miles on the clock. The car had a full service and MOT on 9th December so will come with a full year's MOT. It's very economical and costs about £35 to fill up. It's taxed until the end of January 2012 and costs £115 per year. The Lupo also has driver and passenger airbags, PAS, VW fitted radio, cassette and CD player, Owner's Manual wallet, inertia rear seatbelts and two sets of keys. It's a great car and is very easy to drive for a learner or for someone who's just passed their test - Group 2 insurance so very cheap to run. £2,150 ono (would also consider swapping the Lupo for a larger 5 door car with less than 60K on the clock) Just let me know if you need any more information or you want to come and view it - or drive it. I have this on Ebay where there are photos: http://www.ebay.co.u...9#ht_500wt_1413 ***THIS CAR IS NOW SOLD***THIS CAR IS NOW SOLD***THIS CAR IS NOW SOLD***THIS CAR IS NOW SOLD***THIS CAR IS NOW SOLD***THIS CAR IS NOW SOLD***THIS CAR IS NOW SOLD***THIS CAR IS NOW SOLD***THIS CAR IS NOW SOLD***
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