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Found 8 results

  1. Daniel01


    Vw lupo parts for sale. Some gti parts still available!
  2. hello i had made another topic some time ago.I need your appreciated help again!!! after much search around Greece for 1.6 engine no avy or arc around at all. i found an ajv one from a polo with 180.000 kilometers.There is no gearbox so i need to know if i can use mine. As much i have read its an engine with 120 hp power and drive by cable(mine is also dbc).I can also buy with this the ecu,the driveshafts with the brakes and the clocks. there is no loom(i have found one on ebay for 200 euros!!!). so the questions are these; 1)can i use my gearbox? 2)i need only the engine loom right?if so any possibility used from another model?or only from ajv? 3)the driveshafts will fit in lupo?both front and back? 4)my car doesnt have abs will i be able to use? 5)are the engine mounts the same as are with avy? 6)as long as i have the ajv exhaust manifold will i be able for start to use the rest of the exhaust? 7)any other loom i can use? the engine,ecu,driveshafts and clocks will cost me somewhere around 500 euros is there anything else i will need and i forget i do?i need to have a budget on my mind to decide whats better.
  3. Now sold
  4. Hi, I have a golf 1.4 16v 75bhp, (tried posting on golf forums but got no help at all) its an x reg, it has a polo 1.6gti throttlebody, injectors and inlet manifold.Also has an induction kit, uprated HT leads & a scorpion backbox (if that matters) At the minute the air/fuel mix is all to cock (i think)it wont rev past 2-3k with foot flat to floor, but it will gradually go past 3k if you gently press it then you can floor it and it will happily rev to the limiter. Also if you try to floor it at 2k revs it sort of misfires and sounds like its backfiring through the intake Does it just need a re-map or should I try putting the 1.4 injectors back in and removing the induction kit, because i still have all the spare parts. Cheers If it does need a remap where is the best place to get one?
  5. Right, basically I like the body shape of the GTI, but I'm 17 and, for obvious reasons, would not be able to afford GTI insurance. A weird idea I had (which would probably end up worse off... who knows lol) was if I picked up a Gti with a knackered engine, and a 1.0 with a knackered body and dumped the 1.0 engine in the Gti Body what would the insurance think? (Or I could even just get a Gti, purchase a 1.0 engine&box for a few hundred squid to drop in and over time do bits of work on the 1.6 for when I'm older, have some ncb and can insure it lol.) Would I get away with a price that's maybe a bit more than a 1.0 or one that's more than a Gti! Sounds silly I know but it'd be a decent little project I guess please don't hate<3
  6. Hi guys, I've many problems with my arosa with 1.4 16v 101cv code engine AUB because it's drunks too much oil. I decided to swap this engine with the Lupo GTi 1.6 125cv 5 gearbox. The problem is that in Italy nobody have done that. It's possible? I've notice that probably the support are the same... Is plug'n'play? How can I do? Thank you guys!!
  7. So, we at Dirty Stancing and Garage Midnight acquired a block, in quite a sorry state, and I have taken it upon myself to make it not a sorry state. This little block has quite the lovely story behind it. Starting life in a very good friend of ours' Lupo, a Mr Robin Marriott. After serving its time in his little show stunner it had taken to having a bit of a smoke, so he stripped it out and was planning on re building it. In the mean time fitting a new, non smoky engine to his Lupo. This meant that this poor block sat on an engine stand never to be touched again... until Levi bought it, and put it in his garage... where it also didn't get much attention... and then we got our FILTHY hands on it. it a bit of a state I must admit... once we had had a good long think about what to do with it, still undecided, we stuffed it on the engine stand and started to deconstruct. things dont happen all that fast here... easily distracted, and like i said, we weren't sure where we were going with this so it was really for me to learn what can be done. Having never worked on an engine before, its all new to me, so its a learning curve. Got most of the front end off and started to clean this DUTeeeyyyy thing up. and the sump off and demucked! couple of bits bought whilst i had the cash moneys sitting there so its pretty much ready for the next few bits. Next on the agenda is get these valves out and have a go at porting and polishing this head. got loads of room to play with with these new gaskets and then we are going to fab a manifold to fit that so we can go wild! Then all there is to think about is cams, lightened flywheel and carbs, which is the decision we have come to for this build. The point/plan of this build is for me to learn, so there will be no sending it off for others to do. EVERYthing is going to (hopefully) be done inside the confines of Culo Diablo/Dirty Stancing/Garage Midnight. (which you can follow as individual hashtags on instagram) hoping to get around 160bhp from it, but to be honest like ive said, its just to have a go really. i'll update when anything new happens Safe x
  8. Hello, I'm a new member to CL and I'm 16. Basically, I've been looking to get a 1.0L. Lupo for my first car and I will be going into the dub scene of course! In doing so, I'd like to get a GTI "kit" on it. Such as grill, front bumper, rear bumper, spoiler and side skirts basically. Also i'd like to get a bonnet which covers a bit of the light. But is this actually possible? I'll be looking to buy a lupo 1L. in black from the reg 2000-2005. Also if this is possible could you fellow Lupo'ers send me links where I can get the GTI stuff from other than GTI's breaking on ebay. Cheers, Jack
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