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  1. how easy is it to do??? do the panels/ lights bolt straight on?? its a 1.0l by the way... thanks chris
  2. theyre weller racing stickers...look like weights tho dont they ..lol.. mite have to peel em off 2moro theye 10x13s n 8x13s lowered as much as possible but still to be driveable!!
  3. chris shah

    Weller Wheels

    continental 195/45s on the 10 and 175/50 on the 8s
  4. chris shah

    Weller Wheels

    LOL...i have weller steels on my loop... 8x 13s front, 10x 13s rear....they get quite a lot of attention i must say.. no rubbing issues tho!!! pics... chris
  5. that was me mate ... banded steelies r now matt black tho!! ur loop's lookin nice mate
  6. c u in mk last nite mate...i was nxt to ya in the white mk4 golf with white 19s ....ur cars lookin' schweeeeeeet
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