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  1. chris shah

    arosa front end on my lupo?

    how easy is it to do??? do the panels/ lights bolt straight on?? its a 1.0l by the way... thanks chris
  2. chris shah

    have you got (or seen) the ultimate stance??

    theyre weller racing stickers...look like weights tho dont they ..lol.. mite have to peel em off 2moro theye 10x13s n 8x13s lowered as much as possible but still to be driveable!!
  3. chris shah

    have you got (or seen) the ultimate stance??

    i Quite like my loop's stance chris
  4. chris shah

    Weller Wheels

    continental 195/45s on the 10 and 175/50 on the 8s
  5. chris shah

    Weller Wheels

    LOL...i have weller steels on my loop... 8x 13s front, 10x 13s rear....they get quite a lot of attention i must say.. no rubbing issues tho!!! pics... chris
  6. chris shah

    Black lupo on white banded steelies

    that was me mate ... banded steelies r now matt black tho!! ur loop's lookin nice mate
  7. chris shah

    Yellow Lupo, ....... The we slut

    c u in mk last nite mate...i was nxt to ya in the white mk4 golf with white 19s ....ur cars lookin' schweeeeeeet

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